Capcom has added a new event quest to Monster Hunter Rise, rewarding gamers with ten new ninja themed guild card titles upon completion. Appropriately titled “Heart of a Ninja,” the high-rank quest throws gamers into an area to battle a Tobi-Kadachi, Barioth, and Nargacuga back-to-back (and for those who’re unfortunate, concurrently). It is instantly accessible to obtain through Senri the Mailman

“Heart of a Ninja” is a 7-Star occasion quest, however solely requires Hunter Rank four or above to take part. Hunters may have 50 minutes to hunt or seize the sport’s three ninja-styled monsters. Like the earlier area occasion quest that includes the Goss Harag and Magnamalo, the monsters are additionally able to attacking one another as soon as within the ring. Hunters ought to reap the benefits of this together with wyvern driving to shortly dispatch the search targets.

Additionally, it’s also possible to use traps to seize the monsters to end the battle faster. Be warned, nonetheless: every monster is pretty agile, and also you additionally run the danger of trapping the fallacious monster. Consider utilizing the fence to cut up them up. If you don’t really feel such as you’re making a dent, all three monsters are additionally pretty weak to fireplace elemental injury.

As with earlier occasion quests, “Heart of a Ninja” is downloadable through Senri the Mailman within the Steelworks space of Kamura village. The quest will probably be accessible to obtain via the “Add-on Content” menu. From there, gamers can take the search by going to Minoto within the Gathering Hub and checking the High-Rank Event Quests. Upon completion, hunters will obtain 10 new ninja-themed titles to use of their guild playing cards. The titles can be utilized within the “Title 1” and “Title 3” title slots.

You can take a look at all ten of the brand new guild titles beneath, listed from “Ninja” to “Onwards!”

Last week’s occasion quest added 4 new Cohoot stickers after searching an Aknosom. Before that, Capcom additionally added a brand new “blowing a kiss” gesture to the sport after defeating a Somnacanth. Both quests, together with the brand new ninja titles quest, are instantly accessible for obtain in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is presently accessible for the Nintendo Switch. A PC port of the sport can be set to launch someday in 2022.