Destiny 2’s Tower got engulfed in a darkness known as the Endless Night at the begin of Season of the Splicer. But with the weekly reset on June 22, issues got significantly worse. The primary Tower plaza is now infested with Taken Blight and goop. But the civilians of the Tower, even characters like Commander Zavala or Lord Shaxx, don’t have anything to say about it.

When I first landed in the Tower this week, the change was apparent. There’s a large Taken ball floating in-between the walkways in the Courtyard — you may really stand on it for an ideal view of the the Traveler. There are extra Blight balls scattered round the Courtyard, and Taken goop simply effervescent on the flooring each few ft. Taken power arcs between two factors in the Tower, making the entrance appear like it has Saturn’s ring.

It’s a cool and unsettling picture to load into. The Tower is generally a secure area, but this makeover actually doesn’t put my thoughts comfy whereas I’m rummaging via my Vault.

The drawback with the Taken Tower is that none of the NPCs or primary characters seem to notice in any respect. There are nonetheless people scattered round the courtyard, complaining about issues in the Last City. Rahool will nonetheless decrypt my engrams, providing me his traditional greeting after I method him. There’s a pool of Taken Blight resting on the roof of the Eververse retailer, threatening to eat its manner inside and possess Tess, but she nonetheless offers me the identical spiel after I stroll too shut.

A Titan stands in the Taken Tower

The Tower is full of Blight, but everyone seems to be fairly relaxed about it
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

Perhaps the most irritating facet of this transformation is Zavala’s full lack of remark. As quickly as I landed in the Taken Tower, I walked up to the Vanguard Commander to see what was up, and actually bumped right into a Taken Blight on my manner. But after I interacted with him, he mentioned his identical traditional traces and stared out at the Traveler. I perceive that Lance Reddick is a busy man, but Bungie didn’t even supply some pop-up textual content with commentary on the large Taken Blight two ft from Zavala’s ass.

Bungie has performed a extremely glorious job with environmental storytelling over the previous yr. When the Almighty crashed final spring, Zavala stood in his traditional spot, but he was staring up into the sky with the remainder of us. Darkness envelopes the complete Tower and it serves as a continuing reminder of what’s occurring in the story. But for the way exhausting the Taken Tower instantly hits, there’s no observe up from the characters round you.

Savathun is someplace in the Last City, and nearly actually behind the Tower’s new look. Quria, Savathun’s right-hand Vex minion, appears to be this season’s big-bad. Dangerous issues are taking place in usually secure areas, but there are nonetheless regular people allowed in the Tower Courtyard?

Adding Taken Blight to the Tower is main change, but all of it falls somewhat flat when the Tower’s traditional suspects simply maintain waving hey.