Sting will remaster its JRPG-shoot-’em-up hybrid Knights in the Nightmare for the Switch and cell gadgets. It was initially launched in 2008 for the Nintendo DS and ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2010. The sport will seem on the Switch and cell gadgets inside 2021 in Japan. The announcement was delivered through Sting’s official Twitter account. Other than the preliminary announcement, its focused platforms, and anticipated launch window, no different data is obtainable.

Knights in the Nightmare is notable for its unusual fusion of taking pictures sport mechanics with a tactical JRPG. In its unique Nintendo DS incarnation, gamers may use the stylus to maneuver a wisp–the participant character–round the display. The wisp may awaken items round the battlefield, which then activated to assault enemies. Players additionally wanted to maneuver the wisp to keep away from bullet hell-style assaults.

The sport can also be a part of Sting’s Dept. Heaven collection. Dept. Heaven is the umbrella title for a set of video games developed below Sting Product Team A. They included 2004’s Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone on the Game Boy Advance and Gungnir on the PSP. The current Dept. Heaven video games would all obtain PSP releases. There are additionally spin-offs like Blaze Union and Gloria Union.

Knights in the Nightmare Remaster is in improvement and will launch in Japan on the Switch and cell gadgets in 2021. Yggdra Union was additionally introduced for Switch in February 2020.