The Stalker collection, and specifically the unique Shadow of Chernobyl, occupies a particular place in the hearts of it’s devoted fanbase. The new trailer for Stalker 2 that debuted throughout the Xbox showcase this previous week was particularly thrilling for these old-fashioned FPS game followers, and there have been loads of little Easter eggs in the video for the most devoted amongst them – together with an look by the collection’ creator himself.

Sergiy Grygorovych, who based GSC Game Worlds when he was simply 15 years outdated, seems in the new Stalker 2 trailer as one among the males sitting round the campfire. At the finish of the video, the protagonist – a new character named Skif – takes his depart from the group. One asks the place he’s headed subsequent, and he tells them he’s planning on heading to Pripyat.

Before Skif can depart, although, the man to his left places a hand on his shoulder and appears at him intently. “Good hunting, stalker,” he says in a low voice that sounds nearly like a growl. That’s GSC founder and CEO Grygorovych, as the builders clarify in the highlights video beneath.

GSC offers a few extra fascinating particulars about the trailer as effectively:

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There’s a new faction that’s been teased in the new trailer, the builders trace, however what’s extra apparent is the footage of the new system that permits you to decide up and set up weapon mods on the go. The lonely lookout tower that seems as Skif is out looking for artefacts in the rain is a location from the swamps space in Stalker: Clear Sky – though it’s been broken over the years since the occasions in that recreation.

The huge Stalker information to return out of E3, in fact, is the Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl release date, which is about for April subsequent yr.

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