We’re all ready for the massive Valheim updates with main new options, however the devs have some smaller patches for us between these bigger expansions. Today’s patch provides a beautiful little bit of midsummer celebration, and a substantially-less-lovely little bit of extra monster aggression. Build your defenses proper, people, as a result of the monsters are coming for your base.

There are some “monster AI tweaks” within the patch notes, which may have the baddies more aggressively assault constructions at any time when they’re unable to attain you. If you’ve spent the hours determining how to put collectively a longhouse that gained’t collapse in on itself, you understand how scary this prospect is. In much less intimidating enemy modifications, Greydwarfs now throw “better”.

You’re additionally now ready to briefly construct the Maypole in celebration of midsummer. These constructions had been beforehand solely buildable via cheats, although they do often spawn in some world seeds. The replace additionally fixes a bug that required you to open a container a number of occasions in multiplayer, and fixes some world corruption save bugs.

The Hearth and Home release date continues to be set for the third quarter of the 12 months – so someday between July and September.

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