People Can Fly has mentioned that it’s wanting into buffing a few expertise for all 4 Outriders lessons in a future patch. However, it will require altering bespoke code to be certain that the replace doesn’t merely alter stats, but in addition adjustments the way in which the abilities work throughout gameplay.

“To that end, we will likely roll these balancing changes into one of our upcoming patches,” the studio wrote on Reddit. “We’re aiming to buff each class in unison and are avoiding split-buffing, which is why we need a bit more time to bundle these changes collectively for a patch.”

People Can Fly added that it’s at present testing Outriders‘ next patch. However, it needs more time to ensure stability and a smooth rollout. More information and a release date will be shared in due course.

The list of Outriders‘ known issues has also been updated. People Can Fly is aware of the issue of players dying while a shield is active. The studio wrote:

Issue currently being investigated. Rather than shields not properly mitigating damage, this issue may be caused by (either) the UI not catching up properly or it may be a case of certain shield mods continuing to proc their shield after death has occurred under certain edge cases. Example: A player continually generates shields and their death prevention mechanics are already on cooldown. They are then hit by enemy damage waves that deplete both shields and health at a greater/faster rate than the shield can regenerate in that window, leading to cases of player HP reaching 0 for a split-second before another chunk of shield is added.

We’ll replace our readers when the patch is dwell.

[Source: Reddit through MP1st]