Details concerning the principle solid of characters in Blue Reflection: Second Light have been revealed. This features a have a look at new character paintings offered for the upcoming recreation, and temporary character biographies. Additionally, a number of new photographs have been shared of the environments that can seem within the title. [Thanks, Gamer!]

Blue Reflection: Second Light will function a number of key characters. Details concerning the principle character, Ao Hoshizaki (CV: Kanako Yanagihara), have been shared by the official website. Additionally, renders for each her normal out and “Reflector” type have been launched.

Ao is an extraordinary lady who after receiving pink marks on her examination, went to highschool to take supplementary classes. However, she was abruptly whisked away to a wierd world. This is the place she met Kokoro, Yuki, and Rena. They are working collectively to try to discover a approach to return to the actual world.

Kokoro Utsubo (CV: Tomoyo Takayanagi) is the primary lady Ao meets within the unusual world. She is sort to Ao. However, her reminiscence has been misplaced and he or she is uncertain if she is a resident of this different world or from the actual world.


Yuki Kinjou (CV: Yu Serizawa) is a vibrant and energetic lady who spends her days searching for enjoyable on this unusual scenario. She, like Kokoro, has additionally misplaced her reminiscence.

Rena Miyauchi (CV: Maki Kawase) is one other lady who lives on the faculty with Kokoro. Sometimes detrimental, she tends to return off very harshly she is definitely a really light individual. Rena is somebody who at all times takes a step again to take a look at the larger image. Like the others, she has additionally misplaced her reminiscence.

Hinako Shirai (CV: Yuki Takada) is a returning character from Blue Reflection. Her dream was to grow to be a ballet dancer, however an harm has prevented her from realizing this dream. Hinako has additionally misplaced her reminiscence.

As it stands, these are the at the moment revealed characters that can seem in Blue Reflection: Second Light. More info concerning the sport and it techniques will seem at a later date.

Blue Reflection: Second Light will launch for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 21, 2021 in Japan. An Western launch of the sport is deliberate.