Destiny 2’s Fallen infants took the world by storm early this summer time when the studio launched Season of the Splicer. The lovely refugees have been dwelling within the Tower for a while, however because of a new emote, players can lastly Rafiki their means into the lives of the four-eyed infants.

Thanks to Destiny 2’s new Solstice of Heroes replace, Guardians can lastly get their arms on a Fallen baby of their very own. The emote is known as Eliksni Hatchling, and it’s precisely what you need. Players manifest a holographic Fallen baby into their arms and lift it into the sky, simply like the opening of the Lion King when Rafiki reveals Simba off to the Pride Lands.

A Guardian lifts a Eliksni Baby in the air

The Eliksni baby blinks and will get very excited when you lift it
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

The emote’s identify, Eliksni Hatchling, makes use of the time period “Eliksni” as an alternative of “Fallen.” In the world of Destiny, Eliksni is the right identify for the Fallen race, and what they select to name themselves. The Eliksni Quarter — the place many of the Fallen infants are hanging out throughout Season of the Splicer — makes use of the identical time period. The time period Fallen has all the time been a “nickname” for the “evil” Eliksni, and the Eliksni which might be at present within the Last City appear to view it as a pejorative time period.

The Eliksni Hatchling emote will run players 1,000 Silver — a widespread worth for an Exotic emote. Players can buy 1,100 Silver by way of Steam or different platform shops for $9.99. Today In Destiny — a web site that can inform players when Eververse gadgets will go on sale for the earnable Bright Dust foreign money — doesn’t present the Eliksni Hatchling emote displaying up for something apart from Silver for the remainder of the season. However, the schedule does have some categorised gadgets on it, so the emote may present up for Bright Dust in a while within the season.