An exhibition titled JOJO WORLD in HAKATA will open on July 16, 2021 for individuals who want to expertise the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It will run till September 12, 2021 in Canal City Hakata. Not solely will restricted version merchandise seem in JOJO WORLD, however mini-games and cubicles specializing in iconic scenes might be there as effectively. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Five sights will seem at JOJO WORLD in HAKATA that concentrate on the 5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure components which have anime variations. For instance, there is a game the place you inject hamon vitality (primarily punch) into a frog plushie to spin a digital roulette. There are additionally cubicles the place you possibly can take a tour of Rohan’s house, or take a test to see which staff you’ll belong to in the event you have been a member of Passione.

Like a collaboration cafe, JOJO WORLD in HAKATA may also serve drinks which have JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure motifs. For instance, the Delicious Morioh Town Drink has a Kameyu stamp on the whipped cream, together with pink hearts. The title is a reference to the enduring approach that Okuyasu exclaims “Delicious!” when consuming at Tonio’s restaurant.

Here is the total checklist of merchandise:

  • 75 millimeters can badges (15 variations) – 500 JPY every
  • Acrylic diorama – 3000 JPY
  • Big blanket (5 variations) – 10,000 JPY
  • Clear folder (6 variations) – 450 JPY every
  • Joestar household dinner set (plate and cutlery) – 5500 JPY
  • Passione introduction set – 4900 JPY
  • Ribbon scarf (5 variations) – 1800 JPY every
  • Round plush (5 variations) – 1000 JPY
  • Trading stickers (20 variations) – 350 JPY every

This will not be the primary JOJO WORLD to happen in Japan. A JOJO WORLD occasion is ongoing in Osaka till July 11, 2021. As effectively, the primary JOJO WORLD occurred in Yokohama earlier in 2021.

JOJO WORLD in HAKATA will run from July 16 to September 12, 2021 in Canal City Hakata, Japan. It will characteristic the components one to 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. DAVID Production introduced the anime adaptation of half six, Stone Ocean, earlier this yr.