Square Enix revealed its subsequent items of knickknack impressed by Final Fantasy VII. This time, it’s a set of three canine tag necklaces impressed by FFVII Remake. The three designs are every linked to somebody employed by Shinra. Each one prices $269.99 and is predicted to ship in January 2022.

The three necklaces are impressed by the corporate president and two members of the Turks. People can get Rufus Shinra, Reno, or Rude FFVII Remake canine tags. Each one is made from 925 sterling silver, as indicated by marks on the backs of the canine tags. Every canine tag has the character’s identify, their position or place, and the Shinra Electric Power Company emblem. (Rufus’ is extra elaborate.) There is an extra allure on every necklace referencing the character. For instance, Rufus’ has the coin he flips when combating Cloud, Reno’s has his Electro-Mag rod, and Rude’s has a pair of his sun shades.

Here’s a more in-depth take a look at all three.

FFVII jewellery isn’t all that unusual. However, these are a number of the first items linked to Shinra-aligned characters like Rufus, Reno, and Rude. Some normal charms appeared referencing Cloud, Sephiroth, and Vincent. Square Enix bought each necklaces and a bracelet impressed by the FFVII Remake model of Aerith. You also can get necklace variations of the bracelets Tifa wore in FFVII Remake

The Rufus, Reno, and Rude FFVII Remake Shinra canine tags are anticipated to ship in January 2022. Final Fantasy VII Remake is accessible for the PS4, whereas the Intergrade model is accessible for the PS5.