Once you full a number of of the quests within the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual world quest line in Genshin Impact, you’ll have entry to the Araumi ruins. There are a number of units of puzzles in these ruins that you simply’ll have to finish as a way to unlock entry to a Waypoint Teleporter and a Domain. Our Genshin Impact guide will present the cube puzzle options.

Once you’ve accomplished the world quests “A Strange Story in Konda” and “Sacrificial Offering,” you’ll be tasked with discovering three extra shrines within the quest “Cleansing Defilement.” One of those shrines is in Aruami. You will be unable to entry the Teleport Waypoint nor the Domain if you don’t do these quests.

When you get right down to the Torii gate in Aruami, for those who go to the left, there’s a cube puzzle that’s unrelated to the Cleansing Defilement quest.

To remedy it, get up on the elevated platform in direction of the again, so that you’re dealing with the glowing facet of the center cube. From right here, hearth pictures with a bow-user on the backside left cube as soon as, the higher proper cube twice, after which the backside left cube yet another time.

If you mess up the cubes throughout this, log off and again in for them to reset to default positions.

Completing this puzzle will drain the water, permitting you to swim down alongside the ruins. Swim straight again to the steps. Once you get to the highest, flip round for one more cube puzzle.

To remedy this one, simply hit the center cube twice in a row.

After you do that, the remainder of the water will drain, opening up a brand new passage so that you can take. Unlock the doorways you discover alongside the best way by interacting with the mechanisms subsequent to them. Eventually, it will lead you to the elusive Teleport Waypoint, in addition to the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss and Tutelage: A Thousand Scrolls area.