miHoYo has launched a trailer introducing gamers to Kamisato Ayaka, who will seem in Genshin Impact from July 21, 2021. That is the identical day that Version 2.Zero will launch, permitting Travelers to lastly discover the brand new Japan-inspired area of Inazuma. The teaser reveals off Ayaka’s elegant and dignified persona, in addition to who she is behind her function because the Shirasagi Himegimi.

The teaser begins off with Ayaka explaining her upbringing and training, in addition to the duties of the Yashiro Commission. From how the residents on the streets greet her, we are able to see that she is well-loved by the individuals of Inazuma. However, resulting from her standing, she appears unable to behave on what she actually desires to do or take pleasure in herself with leisurely actions.

You can watch the Genshin Impact teaser trailer for Kamisato Ayaka right here.

Ayaka, whose title is “Frostflake Heron,” makes use of a sword and her aspect is Cryo. Like Mona, she has a particular Cryo dash. When she emerges from the bottom, she applies Cryo onto enemies and her regular assault. Ayaka’s Elemental Skill is a strong Cryo assault. Her Elemental Burst shoots ahead a Cryo whirlwind that may repeatedly injury enemies.

In English, Erica Mendez voices Ayaka. Mendez has voiced Aladdin in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Bernadetta in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In Japanese, Saori Hayami voices Ayaka. Hayami’s earlier roles embrace Shinobu from Demon Slayer and Leia in Tales of Xillia.

Kamisato Ayaka will seem in Genshin Impact as a part of Version 2.0, which can launch on July 21, 2021. Genshin Impact is available on cellular units, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.