The shocking new 2D Metroid title Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch was unveiled at E3 in June and seems to be set to be a grand journey for each fans of the franchise and newcomers when it launches in October. The producer behind the sport, Yoshio Sakamoto, lately sat down with the staff at Japanese web site Famitsu to speak to them concerning the upcoming epic. In the interview Mr. Sakamoto stated that Metroid Dread would be the ultimate episode within the present saga. However, he teased fans of the long-running collection to look forward to “future episodes” which implies extra 2D Metroid titles. Here’s what he stated:

“This is the last chapter in the series so far, the final chapter about the shared fate and adversarial relationship Samus shares with the Metroid. This isn’t the end of the Metroid series. We don’t want that, I’m sure fans don’t want that, and we hope you’ll look forward to what’s coming in future episodes.”

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