Capcom has introduced that it is going to be including a sun shades occasion quest and a special “Wanogre” Palamute to Monster Hunter Rise on July 23, 2021. Additionally, it has additionally added a brand new “Heart of a Hero” occasion quest that pits hunters towards each a Tigrex and Diablos, awarding gamers with ten new hunter titles upon completion.

An upcoming occasion quest, titled “An Icy Blade So Bright,” will probably be a Hunter Rank eight quest that can activity gamers with looking down a Goss Harag. After finishing the hunt, taking part hunters will obtain supplies to craft new sun shades referred to as “Shadow Shades.” Like earlier occasion quests which have awarded gamers with new gear, hunters will seemingly should run the hunt a number of instances to get the right quantity of elements to craft them.

Second, the brand new palamute named “Wanogre” options inexperienced fur that resembles its namesake, Zinogre. The palamute was designed by the dev staff and options abilities equivalent to Attack Up (L), Critical Up (L), and Element Attack Up. The palamute will probably be accessible from July 23, 2021, and will be acquired by way of the “Hire a Special Buddy” tab from Iori the Buddy Handler after downloading from Senri the Mailman.

You can try the Wanogre palamute’s full stats in Monster Hunter Rise beneath.

Finally, the brand new occasion quest is a Hunter Rank eight quest located within the arenas. It would require ample dodging and warning as gamers should battle towards each a Tigrex and Diablos on the identical time. Titled “Heart of a Hero,” gamers will obtain ten new hunter rank titles upon completion. Like earlier area occasion quests, hunters can benefit from wyvern driving and injury dealt between monsters to shortly dispatch one enemy. Additionally, hunters also can use the sector fence to quickly separate the 2 monsters to make combating simpler.

Below are the hunt particulars and awarded hunter titles.

Monster Hunter Rise is straight away accessible on the Nintendo Switch. Players will have the ability to obtain the brand new “Wanogre” Palamute and sun shades occasion quest totally free in Monster Hunter Rise beginning July 23, 2021.