The Monster Hunter franchise is thought for its intense brawls with big creatures. While Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin slows down the tempo with turn-based combat, preventing creatures can nonetheless be sophisticated.

Polygon’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin combat information will enable you perceive how preventing works on this role-playing sport. Our information focuses on how assault sorts work and profitable Head-to-Head battles. The tips beneath additionally clarify how to use the Kinship Gauge to carry out particular assaults together with your weapons and your Monstie companions.

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How combat works
Understanding the Kinship Gauge
Understanding the hearts system

How combat works

Unlike different video games within the Monster Hunter franchise, skirmishes with creatures in Monster Hunter Stories 2 happen by way of turn-based combat. Since fights on this sport are slower-paced, you may take extra time contemplating your ways and plan your strikes.

In every spherical of combat, you commerce blows towards one or many monsters, when you, your Monstie companion, and every other get together members take turns deciding on assaults. Combat is pretty simple in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, particularly if you happen to’ve performed conventional turn-based RPGs earlier than. However, a key issue price understanding is the sport’s completely different assault sorts.

The three attack types in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

There are three sorts of assaults: Power, Speed, and Technical
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon

Each assault within the sport, whether or not it’s a traditional strike or particular capability, falls into one of three classes: Power, Speed, or Technical. In normal, the kind of assault you select doesn’t matter. Each of these sorts of assaults has the flexibility to hurt your enemies. The kind of assault you choose solely issues once you provoke a Head-to-Head assault.

Head-to-Head and Double Attacks

Head-to-Head assaults happen when a celebration member and a monster assault each other. When this occurs, a particular animation will play and the attackers will succeed or fail of their strike relying on which of the three assault sorts they selected.

  • Power assaults defeat Technical assaults
  • Technical assaults beat Speed assaults
  • Speed assaults defeat Power assaults

If you and your Monstie use the identical assault kind that ends in one of you profitable a Head-to-Head assault, you’ll each carry out a Double Attack as a substitute.

The winner of the Head-to-Head strike will considerably harm their enemy. If you win a Double Attack, you’ll cancel your enemy’s strike. Succeeding in these one-on-one encounters is important as you may fully cease an enemy from pulling off a strong assault. Learning how to acknowledge when you will have a chance to win a Head-to-Head confrontation is a vital talent to be taught early on.

A combat screen from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

An orange line exhibits who an enemy will assault
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon

When an enemy is focusing on a selected member of your get together, a coloured line will likely be drawn between the monster and its goal. If an enemy is focusing on your character or your Monstie, then you definitely want to select the kind of assault that may beat theirs.

Combat tips

Most enemy monsters have their most well-liked kind of assault. So in time, you’ll be taught which assault sorts to use towards every of them. When preventing a monster for the primary time, concentrate to what assault kind they select. Your character typically isn’t focused in the course of the first spherical of combat, so this offers you a chance to be taught what assault kind the monster favors.

Some monsters will enter a rage state after taking a big quantity of harm. When they do, your enemies will change the kind of assaults they carry out. Be certain to concentrate to which new assault kind they’re utilizing. If you might be nonetheless utilizing the kinds of assaults that labored on monsters in a non-rage state, their rage-induced assaults could now beat what you’re utilizing.

Remember that your Monstie will all the time assault by itself, nonetheless, if you happen to select the Monsties choice throughout combat, you may select which assault your companion will carry out. If your Monstie’s particular skills don’t counter your enemy’s most well-liked assault kind, you should utilize the identical menu to swap to a Monstie that may counter your enemy. This is why it’s essential to diversify your Monstie squad.

Understanding the Kinship gauge

As you assault monsters in combat, your Kinship Gauge grows. This meter is represented by a circle close to your well being bar. The extra you assault a monster, the extra the meter will replenish with a lightweight blue colour.

The Kinship Gauge in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

A Kinship Gauge close to capability
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon

Each weapon’s particular assaults, plus your Monstie’s particular skills, require factors out of your Kinship Gauge. The greatest manner to replenish your Kinship Guage is to win Head-to-Head battles towards monsters. You’ll acquire much more cost if you happen to win a Double Attack.

How to use particular weapon assaults

Each of your weapons has completely different necessities to use their particular abilities. Our Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin weapons information breaks down the variations between every weapon, however exterior of their completely different assault sorts, every weapon has completely different particular talent necessities.

While every weapon makes use of the Kinship Gauge to carry out particular assaults, some weapons have particular gauges to maintain observe of as properly.

A screenshot of weapon abilities in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

This Great Sword has one cost, so I can use Charged assaults
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon

Depending on which weapon you’re utilizing, you could want to carry out assaults to not solely construct up your Kinship Gauge, however you’ll additionally want to fill particular fees per weapon. For occasion, the Great Sword can carry out a combo of assaults that performs out throughout a number of turns by performing Charge assaults first. These Charge skills add to a gauge that then enables you to carried out Charged assaults. To use these abilities, you want to use each a portion of your Kinship Gauge and Great Sword fees.

Each weapon has completely different necessities to use their abilities, so try our Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin weapon information to be taught extra.

How to use Monstie particular assaults

You can use your Kinship Gauge to even have your Monstie carry out particular assaults. By deciding on the Monsties combat menu, you may see what accessible assaults your Monstie can carry out.

Each Monstie makes a speciality of a unique assault kind, so have in mind which you utilize as soon as you determine what assaults your enemies are utilizing. If your Monstie doesn’t carry out particular skills that counter your enemy, use the identical menu to swap to a unique Monstie.

How to trip your Monstie

If you handle to fully fill your Kinship Gauge, you may trip your Monstie. Mounting your Monstie fully refills your character’s well being whereas restoring your Monstie’s well being based mostly in your character’s well being. While using your companion, you’ll acquire elevated assault and protection. When you might be atop your Monstie, you’ll give you the option to carry out a one-time assault that expends the Kinship Gauge.

An explanation of riding in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Not solely does using allow you to do particular assaults, you regain well being
Image: Capcom by way of Polygon

Taking a trip in your monster pal is a good way to flip the tide in battle. If you’re preventing a troublesome and highly effective monster, it might to your profit to maintain off on utilizing your Kinship Gauge so you may acquire restore your well being at no cost later within the combat.

By using your Monstie late in a combat, you’ll restore your well being and acquire entry to a strong assault. Staying alive is essential in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, regardless that there’s a system that helps you keep within the combat longer if you happen to lose well being.

Understanding the hearts system

If you lose all of your well being in a combat, it’s not sport over. You and your Monstie share a trio of hearts that may be discovered close to the Kinship Gauge. Your NPC battle buddies even have three hearts.

Each time a rider or Monstie loses all their well being, one coronary heart is spent. Instead of being knocked out of the combat, that character will get revived with full well being and the combat continues. After shedding a coronary heart, your Kinship Gauge refills at a barely quicker charge.

If both pair of characters lose all three hearts, then you definitely’ll lose your combat. When all hearts are depleted, you may be despatched again to the final village you visited. From there, your hearts will likely be restored and you’ll proceed your journey. To restore hearts in any other case, you may go to a village or mix gadgets that restore hearts.