If you need to take advantage of of your time in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you’ll want a lot of money and expertise on your Monstie companions. While you’ll get a lot of each when you play the story naturally, you might have considered trying more cash and expertise to make your time simpler.

This Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin guide on how you can farm for zenny and leveling up quick will present you how you can get extra of what you need. We’ll provide you with a easy technique you should use to achieve cash rapidly from the start of the sport and past. We’ll additionally clarify what you are able to do from the begin to rapidly stage up your Monsties.

How to farm zenny

Zenny is the title of the foreign money in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. If you need to frequently forge and improve armor and weapons, you’ll want a lot of money to pay smithies. Having a stockpile of cash can also be necessary if you wish to purchase objects from the market. Zenny is totally different from bottle caps, which is a novel foreign money you may get from Everdens.

You’ll acquire a good quantity of cash whereas enjoying the sport naturally, however if you would like a load of extra cash, you may farm zenny early within the sport. To achieve this, you might want to take benefit of the truth that you may redo Subquests from the Quest Board.

Subquests are small duties you may full for money and expertise. The totally different actions you may participate in can embrace defeating a specific amount of enemies, gathering a load of particular objects, or performing particular duties like breaking monster elements. The neatest thing about subquests is which you could repeat many of them indefinitely.

The Subquest board in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

The totally different statuses of Subquests
Image: Capcom through Polygon

Each subquest has a number of totally different statuses if you have a look at them on the Quest Board.

  • Accepted quests are small challenges that you just’ve chosen to tackle. If a quest requires you to collect objects or carry out an motion, you may observe their progress from the Quest Board.
  • Subquests which can be tagged with Turn In means you may go to a Quest Board and obtain the reward for finishing the duties.
  • Tasks marked as Complete imply you’ve turned within the subquest for the reward. This tag additionally means you may settle for the request once more to repeat the duty and obtain the identical rewards once more.

There are a number of subquests value doing over and over to farm for zenny. The most dependable duties contain defeating a small quantity of weaker enemies.

In the primary hours of the sport, whilst you’re nonetheless adventuring near Mahana Village, the most effective quest to repeat is a fight quest known as Roly-Poly Problems. In this quest, all you might want to do is defeat six yellow Konchu enemies. You can discover teams of them alongside the water immediately throughout the doorway of city. Completing this subquest will internet you 1,200 zenny and 20 expertise factors.

Once you make it to Rutoh Village, you may repeat the subquest known as All’s Meat in Love and War. This job requires you to defeat six Jaggi. This subquest will likely be a bit tougher than the one with the Konchu because the Jaggi within the space northwest of Rutoh will normally be close to bigger monsters just like the Great Jaggi and Arzuros. The hassle is value it as a result of finishing this subquest nets 2,300 zenny and 20 expertise factors.

How to stage up quick

While Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin isn’t difficult sufficient that you could be have to grind to stage up all of your Monsties, you continue to might need to enhance the degrees of your newly added companions.

After discovering good eggs, you’ll need to convey your new Monsties up in stage quick. One of the most effective methods to rapidly stage up new Monsties is to put them in your occasion instantly after hatching them. As lengthy as you could have a core set of numerous Monsties to assist with battle, you may fill the remaining of your occasion with Monsties that can passively hang around and absorb expertise whilst you play.

A fast solution to enhance the expertise of new Monsties is to finish subquests. If you’re finishing easy gathering subquests and doing fight quests as we talked about above, you may acquire just a few ranges along with your Monsties immediately. We discovered which you could acquire a number of ranges with new Monsties simply by handing over just a few gathering subquests directly.

In basic, it is best to by no means flip in subquests for cash and expertise factors with out having no less than one newly hatched Monstie sitting in your occasion. The small quantities of expertise you acquire from subquests may not have an effect on you or your older Monsties a lot, however all of these small bits of expertise can add up rapidly for a newly hatched Monstie.