People Can Fly has mentioned that its work on the following Outriders patch is “almost done” however is being held again attributable to a crashing bug that it’s nonetheless within the course of of resolving. Once that’s out of the way in which, the patch will likely be good to go stay, and as promised, it should carry with it quite a few buffs.

While patch notes have but to be revealed, right here’s a listing of all of the buffs included within the patch:


  • Feed the Flames

  • Volcanic Rounds

    • The Resistance debuff supplied by the Susceptibility mod has been elevated to 50% (Previously: 34%)

    • The “Reload Boost” and “Lava Shots” Mods have had their perks swapped.

  • Ash Blast

    • Ash blast has had it’s base talent cooldown diminished by four seconds, from 27.5 to 23.5 seconds

    • The buff period of the Death Sentence mod has been elevated by Three seconds, from 5 to eight seconds


  • Borrowed Time

  • Slow Trap

  • Time Rift

    • The cooldown of Time Rift has been diminished by 3.four seconds, from 15.four seconds to 12 seconds

    • Increased the DOT injury of the “A Little Bit of Pain” mod by 71% (from base 0.35 AP to 0.6 AP)

    • Condensed the DOT period of the “A Little Bit Of Pain” mod to six seconds (Previously: 10)

    • Increased the Armour and Resistance debuff supplied by the “Time Crack” mod to 35% (Previously: 25%)

    • Increased the Weapon Cleave injury supplied by the “Pain Transfer” mod to 20% Weapon Damage (Previously: 10% Weapon Damage)


  • Pain Launcher

  • Scrapnel

  • Freeze Turret

    • The Hail Shot mod has had its SPF set to 1.5 (Previously: 1)

    • SPF controls how a lot this mod advantages from the Status Power attribute. This change successfully signifies that the injury enhance supplied by Hail Shot will enhance by 50%, although the effectiveness of this enchancment nonetheless is determined by the character’s Status Power attribute.


  • Boulderdash

  • Endless Mass

    • Enemies affected by Endless Mass can now be broken and killed throughout the animation

    • Changed the “Wide Horizons” mod in order that, on prime of the vary enhance, the mod will permit Endless Mass to disregard the enemy talent “Absorbing Skin” utilized by Alpha Perforos and Brood Mothers

  • Reflect Bullets

Universal Buffs

  • Armor Mod buffs

    • Personal Space can have its injury bonus elevated from 15% to 25%

    • Critstack can have it’s Anomaly Power enhance elevated by 21% (from base 5.79 to 7)

    • Stand Tall can have its base Firepower bonus elevated by 20% and its base Anomaly Power by 16%. (From base stage 10 Firepower and 15 Anomaly Power to 12 Firepower and 17.5 Anomaly Power)

    • Perseverance Shield can have it’s base defend worth elevated by 40% (From base 25 to 35)

    • Blazing Aegis can have the armor enhance it grants elevated by 21% (from base 46.35 to 56)

    • Plate Dodger can have its armor worth grant elevated by 12% (from base 58 to 65) and its period elevated from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

  • Weapon Mods

We’ll share patch notes with our readers when they’re launched.

[Source: Reddit]