A brand new animated quick movie uploaded to the The Pokémon Kids TV Japan Youtube channel particulars the journey of a Magikarp, one of many Pokémon sequence’ most idiosyncratic creatures. It debuted as half a part of the channel’s “Pokétoon” assortment of kid-friendly anime shorts. Titled “Just You Wait, Magikarp!” (utilizing “Koiking”, Magikarp’s Japanese title), the six-minute quick movie was produced by anime Studio Colorido. Studio Colorido can also be credited with producing the Bleach spinoff Burn the Witch, and labored on the Pokémon: Twilight Wings mini-series [Thanks, Comic Natalie].

Though normally delivered in Japanese with out English translation, this specific Pokétoon is dialog-free, and set to music. It reveals the primary assembly between a younger flute-playing youngster who varieties a bond with a Magikarp. That bond manages to persist regardless of the pair’s separation, and finally serves because the catalyst for a now-iconic Pokémon evolution second.

The Pokétoon quick was produced by Studio Colorido, however is credited largely to a single particular person: Animator Cedric Herole. Besides the unique story idea, which was credited to Aimi Tate, Herole served as director, storyboard artist, character designer, artwork designer, and animation director for the piece. He’s additionally labored on sequence like My Hero Academia, Space Dandy, Your Lie in April, and Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.

The Launched again in 2019, the The Pokémon Kids TV Japan channel is a Pokémon channel devoted primarily to kids’s programming. Videos on the channel vary from easy songs and nursery rhymes (like a Popplio and Sobble singing “Row Row Row Your Boat“) to Pikachu-themed lunchbox recipes.

The Pokétoon shorts can be found on the Pokémon Kids TV Japan channel. They started airing in 2020, and inform new Pokémon tales in a number of kinds. The first parodied the model of Looney Tunes to inform a slapstick story about a Scraggly and a Mimikyu. Another confirmed a Pancham and its heroic aspirations. The most up-to-date previous to Just You Wait, Magikarp! was the longest, and adopted Tsubomi, a young trainer who can’t wait to start out her personal journey.