The characters you battle alongside in Scarlet Nexus aren’t solely your platoon members however your mates. By holding them by your aspect in battle, hanging out with them in between story missions, and giving them items, you’ll be able to enhance your bond degree with them. The larger the bond degree, the extra helpful they’ll be throughout fight.

Polygon’s Scarlet Nexus bonding guide will train you ways enhance your bond degree, which actions assist to extend bond levels, and what advantages you obtain as your relationships develop.

How to extend bond levels

As you play by the story of Scarlet Nexus, you’ll have a number of alternatives to extend your bond degree with every character. There are each lively and passive methods so that you can increase your relationships with everybody.

Bond episodes

Between every mission, you’ll head to your hideout for a standby part. At your base, you’ll be able to discuss to your crew to see what they’re pondering. Sometimes characters will invite you to hang around and this may set off a Bond Episode.

A Bond Episode in Scarlet Nexus

When you select a Bond Episode, it is going to set off a cutscene
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment through Polygon

Bond Episodes could seem as a dialogue choice or they might be triggered when replying to a mind message. In both case, you’ll get a immediate that permits you to select a Bond Episode as an choice. Once you set off a Bond Episode, a cutscene will play displaying you and that character. These quick scenes are passive occasions that discover the rising relationship between your important character and a platoon member.

Giving items

Once you begin gathering supplies whereas in your important missions, you’ll be able to learn to trade supplies for objects in Satori’s store. While you’ll be able to trade supplies for many of the objects you should purchase, exchanges are the one approach to obtain presents.

A gift information screen in Scarlet Nexus

Gifts that present a yellow coronary heart are excellent for that character
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment through Polygon

Once you will have a couple of presents in your stock, you’ll achieve the choice to offer items. Gifts that characters will particularly like will present a yellow coronary heart subsequent to that character’s avatar. If the character actually likes the reward, they are going to speak about it when you give it to them. After giving them the reward, they are going to show it someplace contained in the hideout.

While you can too give characters generic items that everybody will like, particular items can have a higher impact on their bond degree.

Add characters to your social gathering

As you progress in Scarlet Nexus, you’ll achieve a number of social gathering members who can help you with their SAS talents. At a sure level, you’ll have extra out there social gathering members than you will have lively social gathering area. To increase your bond degree with sure characters, make them your two lively social gathering members.

The party screen in Scarlet Nexus

You can have two lively teammates and a number of reserve characters
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment through Polygon

While you’ll be able to add as much as 4 teammates to your usable SAS abilities, you’ll be able to solely have two social gathering members. The two teammates in your social gathering can have prolonged SAS meters in comparison with the opposite two you assign. Your social gathering members may also recuperate their SAS gauge sooner.

Bond degree advantages

As you enhance your bond degree with a personality, not solely will you study extra about them, however you’ll achieve upgraded talents on the battlefield.

The bond level screen in Scarlet Nexus

Each bond degree provides new talents
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment through Polygon

Each new degree provides a special capability to help you thru SAS talents.

  • Level 1 is the default degree you begin at. This degree provides you entry to every character’s psychic capability as a SAS talent.
  • Levels 2 and three differ between characters, however between these two levels, you’ll achieve a couple of new talents when their SAS capability is lively. Guardian Vision is a talent that randomly actives and lets your teammates soak up harm for you. Combo Vision allows you to press a particular command that calls your teammate in for a particular assault. Not solely that, however every character grants an increase to your important character whenever you activate their SAS capability. For occasion, Kyoko’s clone capability creates a double of your character along with her default capability to duplicate objects that you simply throw. For Gemma, you’ll achieve his default capability to negate harm, however he can even make you proof against standing results.
  • Level 4 grants you Assault Vision. At sure instances throughout battle, teammates at this degree will name your title. If you press a sure button mixture at the moment, they dive in for a particular assault.
  • Level 5 will increase the length of every character’s SAS capability. Some characters additionally add particular advantages. For occasion, Shiden’s electrokinesis negates any shock harm from enemies when his SAS is lively.
  • Level 6 additional enhances the lively SAS capability by including distinctive results. For instance, Kyoka makes two copies of objects that you simply throw. Gemma’s capability to dam harm could mechanically set off even when his SAS capability isn’t lively.

You can test every teammates’ SAS talents by going into the primary menu, after which selecting SAS > Confirm SAS results. When on this menu, you’ll be able to learn a full description of every bond degree and see a video preview of every impact.