Back in June, Creative Assembly and Sega introduced Total War: Warhammer II’s final Lords Pack The Silence and the Fury with a teaser trailer letting us know that, in the end, the Beastmen could be getting some love. The contents of the DLC have been the topic of a lot hypothesis in the strategy game’s group since then, however now all has been revealed – and there are two new legendary lords, full with factions and campaigns, and longed-for Ghorgon and Jabberslythe models on the means.

First up, these two new lords. For the much-maligned Beastmen, there’s the “rage-filled” Doombull minotaur Taurox, who’s solid of “living brass” and is nearly invisible to the eye, apart from one portion of his meaty neck which is left uncovered, as the studios reveal in a press launch. He’s each beneath the attract of and taunted by the Chaos Gods, who urge him in the direction of a ritual that would unleash their powers and see him ascend, if they are often trusted to maintain their phrase. Which they will’t. Ever.

For the Lizardmen, there’s Oxyotl, who makes up “the silence” little bit of the DLC. He’s a skink whose strengths hinge on stealth and the capacity to sense Chaos. Oxyotl is set to cease Taurox and his military, and preserve the world protected – effectively, as protected as a world filled with ever-battling beasties will be, anyway. He has to “revive Silent Sanctums in the secret places of the world and gain the power needed to stop Taurox,” the studios reveal.

The models following the lords into battle embody some that Beastmen followers have been ready a very long time to get to play. There’s the Ghorgon – a monster – which is actually an enormous, mutated minotaur that’s surprisingly fast, and can take down greater foes. There’s additionally the Jabberslythe – a “powerful, horrifying fusion of toad, sludge-drake, and insect”, that brings massive area-of-effect assaults, debuffs, and is “worth as much as a Charlemagne”. Yikes. The Beastmen additionally get Tuskgor Chariots and the mace-and-shield-wielding hero unit Wargor.

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The Lizardmen crew will get a spellcasting hero unit referred to as the Skink Oracle, in addition to Chameleon Stalkers as infantry, which may perform ambushes with “an explosive dart first-strike” ability. There’s additionally a flying monster referred to as Coatl, which is tremendous good (and tremendous scary) with the capacity to cover allies and use magic lightning, and a Troglodon that may spew noxious spit at greater enemies. Both factions moreover get a sequence of latest Regiments of Renown.

The Silence and the Fury launches on July 14 and will set you again $9.99 / £7.99 / €9.99, although there’s a pre-purchase low cost of 10% till launch day. If you’re eager for the full particulars on what’s coming – together with the free replace that’ll accompany it, which brings some surprises – you possibly can head to the game’s site at that hyperlink.

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