In Scarlet Nexus, you’ll discover glowing white cubes — materials — tucked into completely different areas of every of the degrees you navigate. It isn’t clear what these things do at first, however they are essential to hunt out when you play. These mysterious materials are the important thing to getting some uncommon objects all through the sport.

Polygon’s Scarlet Nexus materials information will show you how to perceive what materials are used for. We’ll clarify how you can discover them, why you shouldn’t promote them, and the place it is best to use them.

What are materials?

In every space of Scarlet Nexus, you may run throughout glowing white cubes. They’re largely off the primary path, hidden down alleyways or in unassuming rooms.

A glowing white cube in Scarlet Nexus

Look out for these cubes off the primary path
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment by way of Polygon

These cubes are referred to as materials. When you discover them in several ranges, they are going to be related to that space. Enemies have an opportunity to drop materials, too. Their materials will likely be named after them.

As you start gathering materials and so they start taking over area in your stock, you gained’t instantly know what they are used for. In truth, you may accumulate a number of of them within the opening hours of the sport earlier than they turn into helpful.

Don’t promote materials

You might discover early which you can promote materials to Satori The Archivist. While every materials fetches a great worth, don’t do it.

Selling materials may be a great way to make cash early in Scarlet Nexus, however no matter what problem you’re taking part in at, there’s no actual motive to amass money inside the sport’s first few hours. You can’t purchase stronger weapons, armor, or plug-ins at first of the sport, so cash isn’t essential till a lot later.

Save all of your materials as they turn into invaluable when you get to the sport’s second chapter.

Exchange materials for uncommon presents

At a sure level through the second chapter, Satori The Archivist positive factors a brand new possibility in his store: Exchange. Once you’re capable of change materials in his store, you’ll discover you may get upgraded weapons, objects, different gear, and most significantly presents.

Kasane and Satori from Scarlet Nexus

Save materials to change at Satori’s store
Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment by way of Polygon

Exchanging materials for presents is essential as a result of presents are among the best methods to extend your bond stage with different characters. Gifts are distinctive objects you can provide to different characters through the intermissions between every chapter. Exchanging materials with Satori is the one approach to obtain presents.

While you may change materials at Satori’s store for objects and kit in lieu of spending money, it is best to at all times save materials for presents. Since you may’t purchase items with money, which is a extra frequent useful resource, it is best to save materials for presents solely.