Sylvanas Windrunner has been inflicting no shortage of problems in World of Warcraft’s new Sanctum of Domination raid. Now, as 5 clans compete for the title of world’s first to clear the raid on mythic problem, Blizzard has pushed out a hotfix – and invalidated at the very least one staff’s boss technique in the midst of the combat.

As consumer Stan on the Icy Veins forums explains, frontrunning guild Echo had adopted a technique for the Sylvanas combat wherein participant Noawh would tank one in all Sylvanas’ intermission provides, the Mawforged Colossus. The remainder of the raid group may then concentrate on blasting Sylvanas throughout her injury phases, which they reasoned would cut back the MMORPG‘s raid boss to 45% well being earlier than her enrage activated.

This may need labored – besides that in the course of the combat, Blizzard added a brand new mechanic. The Mawforged Colossus now has an enrage timer of its personal that prompts as quickly as Sylvanas turns into targetable, and if it’s not killed rapidly, it’ll wipe out the entire raid group, as Dot Esports explains.

Here’s a clip captured by a WoW subreddit consumer:

Since Noawh couldn’t do injury to the Colossus quick sufficient on their very own, Echo acquired despatched again to the drafting board on raid boss technique proper in the midst of combating the boss.

This was a irritating setback for Echo, now six days into the race for world’s first to beat the ultimate boss within the Sanctum of Domination raid on mythic.

We’ll see who winds up popping out on high. Now, maybe, followers can stop roasting the Sanctum of Domination cinematic and transfer on to marveling on the first raid boss that modified mid-race.

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