Apex Legends’ builders will patch out “tap strafing,” a type of participant motion used primarily by PC avid gamers that permits them to make sharp turns to evade or counterattack much less cell opponents. Respawn Entertainment on Tuesday tweeted that the tactic would be eradicated with the subsequent patch.

Tap-strafing is mainly a tough, mid-air flip that PC gamers have developed to be extra cell on the enjoying discipline. It’s a authorized maneuver, not a glitch or an exploit. While gamepad gamers can technically tap-strafe, it’s far simpler to execute with a keyboard-and-mouse setup. PC gamers may bind Apex Legends’ leap command to their mouse’s scroll wheel to assist them tap-strafe and alter instructions with much more precision.

This how-to from YouTube Dazs explains tap-strafing in Apex Legends and its usefulness:

In the tweet on Tuesday, nevertheless, Respawn mentioned tap-strafing is “inaccessible” — which means to some gamers, in a sport that absolutely helps cross-platform play. Tap-strafing additionally “lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.” Octane’s Launch Pad final (a leaping pad that anybody could use) takes on larger affect over a match when tap-strafing gamers use it and the double-jump it confers.

Respawn’s choice met jeering from Apex Legends players within the sport’s subreddit. Some complained that tap-strafing’s inaccessibility to gamepad gamers is a moot challenge when PC gamers are, by default, matched with different PC gamers and never console customers. (That mentioned, some PC gamers should use a gamepad.) Others known as this successfully a nerf to PC gamers on the entire, who now face gamepad gamers with an aim assist they consider an unfair advantage, moderately than a balanced lodging.

The dialogue was shortly joined by calls for input-based matchmaking, which would go away tap-strafing in whereas confining that capability to video games the place each participant may use it equally. That appears unlikely, as Respawn previously has trimmed out authorized meta-techniques, like “zip-line spamming” or “bunny-hop healing,” that the studio didn’t develop deliberately.

Respawn mentioned tap-strafing will be gone as of patch 10.1, although its deployment date isn’t clear. Respawn sometimes points midseason patches and the 10th season, Emergence, premiered on Aug. three and runs to Nov. 2, so a mid-September repair may be on the menu. Already, Respawn has nerfed the brand new character Season 10 launched, Seer, in an omnibus balancing patch run out final week.