As a bit crow grim reaper, your aim in Death’s Door is to gather souls that may permit you to open the titular door. Along the best way, you’ll seize varied secrets and techniques, discover totally different weapons, and even learn journals that reveal the sport’s story.

Polygon’s Death’s Door guides will assist you discover your means by means of the Urn Witch’s Estate, the Frog King’s Domain, Betty’s Lair, the Hall of Doors, and the Grove of Spirits.

Finding all of the Shiny Things

There are 24 Shiny Things scattered around the globe in Death’s Door, and not solely do they inform tales of the folks inside the world, they’re essential to unlock the true ending.

Upgrading your preventing abilities

As you progress, the bosses you battle will get harder, so that you’ll wish to go to shrines to improve your vitality and magic capacities. These are hidden round corners and on secret paths, however we’ve mapped out the place you could find all 16 shrines. You’ll additionally wish to improve the skills you unlock, as a result of they’ll hit tougher if you do.