Bungie revealed at its Destiny Showcase that each one of Destiny 2’s Light subclasses — Arc, Solar, and Void — will bear a conversion to the Darkness/Stasis system over the subsequent 12 months. Just a couple of days later, the studio gave gamers their first look at the first subclass getting up to date: Void.

The studio first revealed that gamers received’t unlock a brand new Darkness subclass in The Witch Queen or any level earlier than Destiny 2’s 2023 enlargement, Lightfall — one thing artistic director Joe Blackburn mentioned on a Twitch stream an hour prior. Bungie additionally stated gamers received’t unlock new Stasis Aspects or Fragments in Season of the Lost.

For the uninitiated, Stasis gives the conventional class skill, soar increase, grenade alternative, and melee skill. But gamers also can select up to two Aspects, which increase the subclass with new skills or functionalities — like letting Hunters maintain a button in midair to dive again to earth. Void 3.0 will work equally, nevertheless it appears like gamers will likely be ready to choose a number of Supers, fairly than Stasis’ single-Super choice.

Also like Stasis, Void will get key phrases that outline it, known as “verbs” by Bungie. These work equally to Stasis’ “Slow, Freeze, and Shatter” providing, and are buffs and debuffs that each one play into one another. For Void, the verbs are “Suppression, Weaken, Volatile.” [Ed. note: Hey, Bungie — “suppression” and “volatile” aren’t verbs.]

Suppression is all about blinding and disabling enemies, stopping them from utilizing skills, or, for AI enemies, capturing in any respect. Weaken will increase the goal’s incoming harm and slows their motion. And Volatile causes affected enemies to explode after demise or after taking sufficient further harm. Void Guardians may also give you the option apply an Overshield, invisibility, or Devour (a life-steal buff) to their allies.

In addition to revealing the verbs, Bungie confirmed gamers a bunch of recent Supers and Aspects for every up to date class.

Nightstalker Hunters will get a brand new model of the Moebius Quiver Shadowshot, which at present lets gamers fireplace a number of arrows. In the Void 3.0 model, gamers will fireplace two volleys of three arrows every. The arrows will search enemies out and tether them with a number of Void Anchors, which additionally flip them Volatile.

A brand new Aspect for Nightstalker Hunters, Stylish Executioner, may also flip the Hunter invisible and grant them Truesight every time they kill a Volatile, Suppressed, or Weakened enemy. Nightstalkers may also Weaken enemies in the event that they use a melee assault on enemies whereas invisible with this Aspect outfitted.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Void 3.0 Titan uses Shield toss

A Void 3.0 Titan chucks their protect at a Cabal enemy in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.
Image: Bungie

Sentinel Titans will get a brand new Aspect and melee skill. Overwatch empowers the Titan’s Barricade with Void, giving the Titan and allies behind it a robust Overshield. Sentinel Titans may also obtain a brand new melee skill known as Shield Toss, which primarily lets them act like Captain America exterior of their Super. The protect can ricochet between enemies, and the Titan will achieve some Overshield cost for every enemy it hits.

It appears to be like like Warlocks may even see the most original adjustments in Void 3.0. Pocket Singularity is a brand new melee projectile that tracks enemies and each pushes them out of canopy and turns them Volatile when it explodes. Children of the Old Gods is a brand new Aspect that summons a “sentient black hole” when the Warlock locations a Rift. The “Child,” as Bungie calls it, will latch onto close by enemies like a Metroid, Weakening them and refunding grenade or melee vitality for Healing Rift customers or well being for Empowering Rift customers.

Bungie elaborated additional on these adjustments by saying that whereas many issues will change with Void 3.0, gamers ought to have extra choices to create new builds in addition to combine and match previous skills. The studio gave some thrilling examples like Spectral Blades with Vanishing Step for Hunters, Ward of Dawn and Controlled Demolition for Titans, and Handheld Supernova and Devour for Warlocks.

Bungie promised extra reveals nearer to Void 3.0’s debut in The Witch Queen on Feb. 22, 2022.