Electronic Arts has introduced that 5 of its patents associated to accessibility know-how in video video games are actually free for different builders and publishers to make use of.

Under its new “patent pledge,” EA guarantees to not cost anybody for benefiting from its patented know-how or take authorized motion towards such events supplied that they don’t file any form of patent proceedings towards EA. The objective of this pledge is to “break down barriers for players living with disabilities or medical issues.”

The pledge covers the next patents:

  • CONTEXTUALLY AWARE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM IN VIDEO GAMES: Ping System that permits gamers to transmit contextually conscious audio and visible communications generated through mappable controller inputs.
  • SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTOMATED IMAGE PROCESSING FOR IMAGES WITH SIMILAR LUMINOSITIES (two patents): Image processing that improves visibility of colours to optimize for shade imaginative and prescient deficiencies.
  • CONTRAST RATIO DETECTION AND RENDERING SYSTEM: Automatically detecting distinction ratios in pixel areas of rendered frames and updating areas having subpar distinction ratios to satisfy distinction ratio requirements or thresholds.
  • PERSONALIZED REAL-TIME AUDIO GENERATION BASED ON USER PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE: Generating personalised music based mostly on a consumer’s listening to data and stylistic choice to greatest comport with that consumer’s listening to points.

EA believes that its pledge will assist promote innovation within the trade and “incentivize” different firms to give you their very own technical options, which in flip will create “a cycle of innovation.” The firm needs video video games to be accessible to everyone, and can be open sourcing options through its GitHub.

[Source: EA]