Playground Games revealed Forza Horizon 5’s opening sequence of cinematics and gameplay Tuesday afternoon at Xbox’s Gamescom 2021 showcase, highlighting the various terrain, climate, and biomes gamers will encounter on the racing recreation’s wide-open map of Mexico when it launches in November.

“I think our campaign learns a lot from Horizon 4’s campaign,” Mike Brown, Forza Horizon 5’s inventive director, advised media in a briefing occasion final week. The sequence proven at Gamescom bridges the ending of Forza Horizon 4 with the start of the newest racing pageant. “There are all of these things that you can work towards, but in a way that feels more structured and more directed than it did in Horizon 4, but while maintaining freedom to progress through the game in a ton of different ways.”

In the presentation, the customary drive-in to the Horizon Festival that has begun every recreation within the collection, a cargo jet drops 4 automobiles into a sampling of Forza Horizon 5’s 11 completely different biomes. The sequence begins with a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands ascending a stratovolcano — Brown mentioned it’s “just about the highest point we’ve ever had in a Horizon game” — and culminates within the $2.7 million Mercedes-AMG One hypercar racing the aircraft to the pageant end line.

In between, Chevrolet’s 490-horsepower 2020 Corvette Stingray takes the baton from the Bronco at the underside of the volcano and proceeds to plow some Mexican farmland. That’s adopted by Porsche’s rallying present pony, the 911 Desert Flyer, plunging into the dense Yucatan jungle and giving the Mayan ruins of Ek’ Balam a drive-by. It’s one of a number of indigenous temple websites that Playground Games have recreated for gamers to discover, Brown mentioned.

a sports utility vehicle and a pick-up truck race through a very shallow creek

Image: Playground Games/Xbox Game Studios

“Having that many biomes creates challenges for us, for when those biomes meet each other,” Brown mentioned. “And one biome has to blend into the environment in a way that doesn’t feel like you’ve crossed an invisible line, and suddenly you’re in a completely different place. Instead, the barriers are blurred, so that it feels natural.” Vegetation and floor overlaying helped Playground Games obtain this mixing, Brown mentioned, significantly in transiting from places like Mexico’s rocky Pacific coast to a “living desert” nonetheless considerable with cacti and different tailored flowers.

Seasons, and seasonal climate, may also return to Forza Horizon 5, following the characteristic’s debut in 2018’s Forza Horizon 4. “Seasons will work a little bit differently in Mexico to how they worked in Britain,” Brown mentioned. They will nonetheless change weekly, and gamers can see the impact in issues like riverbeds drying out (offering new programs or shortcuts) after which filling up. Mexico will nonetheless have snow, Brown mentioned, but it surely’ll be restricted to the map’s highest altitudes, just like the aforementioned volcano. Spontaneous climate occasions will embrace mud storms, additionally seen in Tuesday’s video, which left the Stingray coated by a superb layer of pink grime.

There’s a lot to do, not simply see, in Forza Horizon 5, Brown promised. The Eliminator, the 72-car battle royale race from Forza Horizon 4, will return with some changes. “I think the main difference is in the map,” Brown mentioned. “We released Eliminator around about a year after Forza Horizon 4 came out. This time, Eliminator already exists as we’re putting the world together. So the world is now, I think, much better suited to Eliminator.”

There can be the Events Lab, proven throughout E3 2021, which permits gamers to create their very own programs and races. While the stadium location seen throughout the E3 demo is “a great place to build, because it gives you something of a blank canvas,” Brown mentioned, gamers will be capable of use Event Labs’ constructing instruments wherever they need, for essentially the most half. Some areas of the world shall be inaccessible to maintain player-created occasions from operating over pedestrians, for instance.

The constructing shall be supported by “a really in-depth rule editor,” Brown mentioned. “I would stop short of calling it a scripting language, but it’s based on some of the design tools that we use to make the different features of the game.” The if/then nature of the rule editor permits, for instance, issues as granular as enjoying sure sound results or including rating multipliers to overtakes or jumps inside a race.

Brown mentioned that the actual fact Horizon 5 bought a three-year growth cycle, as a substitute of two, meant Playground Games might make a larger funding within the recreation’s physics and dealing with fashions. “We’ve completely rebuilt the way the suspension works,” he mentioned. “You might think, as I say this, an improved simulation would make it more challenging, but it’s actually the opposite. The springs of the car now behave much more like they would on a real car, and react to the terrain in a much more authentic way. Improving the simulation also improves the accessibility, which is a great result for us.”

Beyond the automobiles proven within the Gamescom presentation, Playground Games isn’t but speaking in regards to the measurement of Forza Horizon 5’s fleet or what, particularly, it is going to comprise. But, “There is literally nothing to stop you from driving a hypercar around the jungle,” Brown mentioned. They’ll simply deal with a lot extra poorly than, say, the Bronco. Brown mentioned Forza Horizon 5 has a number of sorts of mud for gamers to sling round — like thick, gloppy chocolate cake frosting that leaves deep tread marks, and sloppy slurry that splatters the windshield and hood.

Forza Horizon 5 launches Nov. 9 for Windows PC by way of Steam and the Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The recreation additionally launches the identical day on Xbox Game Pass for each consoles and PC.