In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you ways to defeat Gold Joe. We’ll demystify every part of this magnetic battle by explaining every of the boss’s assaults, displaying you ways to keep away from taking injury and sharing normal ideas, tips, and techniques.

Gold Joe: Phase 1

In the primary part of the Gold Joe boss battle in No More Heroes 3, the boss makes use of North (crimson) and South (blue) polarity for a devasting assault. You have to counter his polarity to dodge that assault amongst his different skills.

One of Gold Joe’s most important assaults is a downward slash with the swords in his 4 fingers. As lengthy as you’re standing face-to-face with the boss, you received’t get hit. Your opponent additionally throws his swords at you in a swirling sample. Dodge to the facet to keep away from them.

Gold Joe’s most devasting assault on this part is his polarity assault. Along the ground of the boss battle enviornment are blue and crimson tiles. Stepping on a blue tile offers Travis southern (S) polarity, whereas a crimson tile grants northern (N) polarity. The large coloured letters above your head inform you your present polarity.

Every so typically, Gold Joe covers himself in both a crimson or blue dome of polarity. When that occurs, instantly rush to a tile matching his polarity so that you get pushed away from him. If you might have an reverse polarity, he’ll suck you into a strong assault you can’t keep away from.

When you might have the identical polarity, run towards the boss. Since your equal polarities oppose each other, you’ll push him away from you and into the sting of the battlefield which damages him.

Gold Joe: Phase 2

In part 2 of the Gold Joe boss battle in No More Heroes 3, your enemy performs the identical assaults however provides a further capacity to his arsenal.

The Gold Joe boss battle in No More Heroes 3

Watch out for this crystals
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Gold Joe attracts crystals from reverse ends of the world to smash into each other. Steer away from the polarity traces so that you don’t get hit.

Gold Joe: Phase 3

In part 3, Gold Joe makes use of polarity towards you much more. Gold Joe summons much more crystals all through the stage to hit you. Not solely that, however you might have to be much more conscious of your polarity.

The Gold Joe boss fight in No More Heroes 3

This time, Gold Joe pushes you round
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

In this stage of the boss battle, Gold Joe does two completely different kinds of polarity assaults. Your opponent both makes use of related polarity to try to push you into the laser partitions — similar to you probably did to him within the first part — or reverse polarity to try to get shut to you for a slashing assault.

If Gold Joe stands nonetheless whereas casting his polarity area, swap to the reverse polarity so that you get sucked towards him for a counterattack. If you’re the identical polarity, he pushes you into the laser partitions.

If he strikes towards you whereas casting the polarity area, select the similar polarity to get pushed away so he can’t hit you. If you’re the other polarity, he pulls you into an unavoidable assault.