In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you the way to defeat Kimmy Love. We’ll demystify every section of this rap live performance battle by explaining the boss’s assaults, displaying you the way to keep away from taking harm, and sharing normal ideas, methods, and methods.

Kimmy Love: Phase 1

Before you may even battle Vanishing Point, the seventh-ranked alien in your quest to the highest, Kimmy Love defeats him swiftly. She then turns into your opponent on the stage of her personal live performance.

The Kimmy Love boss battle from No More Heroes 3

Kimmy’s first stage trick is fireplace
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

In the primary section of the Kimmy Love boss battle in No More Heroes 3, your new opponent makes use of a handful of primary assaults from her double beam katana. She additionally has a leaping strike to be careful for. You can block and dodge most of those assaults.

Partway by this section, your enemy could disappear from the stage. When she emerges, she lights up the stage’s pyrotechnics. Dodge the partitions of flame as they arrive out of the bottom.

Kimmy Love: Phase 2

Giant teddy bears shoot lasers in No More Heroes 3

Watch out for the lasers!
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

When the subsequent a part of the Kimmy Love boss battle in No More Heroes 3 begins, your opponent disappears off stage once more. When she does this, the large dolls on stage shoot lasers out of their eyes. Much of this section is like the primary besides you will need to dodge each the pyrotechnics and lasers because the battle goes on.

Kimmy additionally provides a headlock counterattack throughout this section. When she grabs you, mash the A button to get out.

Kimmy Love: Phase 3

The Kimmy Love boss fight in No More Heroes 3

Destroy the digital camera
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

Just like the opposite two phases of the Kimmy Love boss battle in No More Heroes 3, this part begins with the enemy disappearing once more. In her absence, the lasers from the dolls start following you. Keep transferring to keep away from getting hit.

When your enemy returns, she performs acquainted assaults. However, the in-game digital camera finally will get captured by a drone. When this occurs, the sport’s perspective switches to a drone flying across the live performance. Destroy the drone to regain regular management of the digital camera once more.