In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you ways to defeat Midori Midorikawa. We’ll demystify every part of this Japanese horror game-inspired boss battle by explaining every of the boss’s assaults, displaying you ways to keep away from taking injury, and sharing basic suggestions, tips, and methods.

Midori Midorikawa: Schoolhouse

The Midori Midorikawa boss battle from No More Heroes 3

Follow the inexperienced flame
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

The Midori Midorikawa boss combat in No More Heroes 3 begins like a first-person horror sport. The sport’s perspective modifications, and you should stroll across the creepy hallways of this Japanese college following Midori’s inexperienced flame.

You encounter creepy, headless aliens as you observe the wandering fireplace across the halls. Eventually, you get locked inside a classroom the place you want to face off in opposition to three fundamental enemies.

The Midori Midorikawa boss battle from No More Heroes 3

Go left and discover the school rooms from right here
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

As you proceed ahead, Midori’s flame enters a set of double doorways on the finish an intersection of a bloody hallway. You can’t undergo these doorways. To proceed, go down the hallway to the left and enter every of the school rooms. There are a number of situations of headless our bodies performing out scenes from college life. A number of of the rooms even have small fights which are very simple.

Keep testing the school rooms and proceed down the corridor till you’re teleported to the opposite finish of the hallway.

At the tip of the opposite hallway is a rest room you’ll be able to enter. Inside is a save level and an exit that brings you again to your lodge room. Save there after which stroll out of the toilet to discover the double doorways have opened. Enter the gymnasium.

Midori Midorikawa: Phase 1

After talking with Midori Midorikawa, you’re teleported to a rock quarry the place a extra conventional No More Heroes 3 boss battle begins.

In this encounter, you alter into your Ground Combat Assault Type Full Armor also referred to as “Full Green Mode.” Despite being in a go well with of armor, you will have your commonplace assaults, bounce, and dodge talents. However, you now have two particular assaults:

  • Tiger Attack teleports you instantly to your enemy with a strong close-range assault.
  • Multi-Missle requires you to lock onto your goal first, earlier than unleashing a long-range assault.

Midori Midorikawa makes use of a combination of fireplace and wind assaults in opposition to you.

Her fireplace talents together with bouncing balls of flame that gentle the bottom on fireplace. She additionally casts a wall of fireplace that leaves a path of flames. Her massive flame assault is a large fireball that she tosses at you. You’ll have to dodge round these assaults and navigate the flames on the bottom to assault the boss.

Her wind assaults embrace a small twister she shoots at you. She also can unleash a number of small waves of wind and even makes use of wind as a sword at shut vary. Create area between you and the boss to dodge the projectiles and both block or dodge her melee strikes.

Midori Midorikawa: Phase 2

The Midori Midorikawa boss fight from No More Heroes 3

Get so far as you’ll be able to to dodge
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

The second part of the Midori Midorikawa boss battle in No More Heroes 3 is very like the primary.

In this part, your enemy begins utilizing two new assaults. The first is a wind means that covers her in a dome of wind. When she does this, get as far-off as you’ll be able to to dodge the flurry of wind she tosses. Her second new means is a massive, flaming twister. Steer away from this assault by dodging both to the left or proper.