In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you ways to defeat Native Dancer. We’ll demystify every part of this mysterious battle by explaining every of the boss’s assaults, displaying you ways to keep away from taking harm, and sharing basic suggestions, methods, and methods.

Native Dancer: Hide and search

After Native Dancer unceremoniously defeats Black Knight Direction in entrance of your eyes, you’ll have a brand new opponent in your eighth-ranked battle. The thriller fighter runs across the small city the place your boss battle place and you could discover him. Each time you do, he offers you a brand new talent to spherical out your Death Glove abilities:

  • Death Slow makes all the pieces inside its space of impact slower.
  • Death Rain creates a bathe of assaults on enemies inside a small vary.
  • Death Force grabs a single enemy and tosses them.

With these new skills in hand, it’s time to face off in opposition to this mysterious foe.

Native Dancer: Phase 1

During the primary part of the Native Dancer boss battle in No More Heroes 3, your opponent performs a sequence of quick melee assaults. His most typical assault is a easy sword combo you could block or dodge.

The boss additionally has a set of particular strikes he does periodically:

  1. The first is a combo that ends with a rising slash.
  2. If you see Native Dancer constructing vitality with a swirl of wind round him, be careful. After charging up vitality, he performs a robust sprint assault.
  3. His last particular transfer throughout this part is a wall run up the tower within the heart of the battlefield. After operating up a number of toes, he dashes from the tower at you with a single flash.

Since Native Dancer’s melee assaults are straightforward sufficient to telegraph, carry out an ideal dodge in opposition to them and punish him.

One of Native Dancer’s few long-range assaults is an exploding kunai that he throws after dashing backward. Get away from the projectiles earlier than they explode, after which rush in and counterattack.

Native Dancer: Phase 2

The Native Dancer boss battle in No More Heroes 3

Watch out for the splash harm
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

In the second part of the Native Dancer boss battle in No More Heroes 3, your enemy does the identical strikes, however with extra depth.

The boss upgrades his projectile assault with three exploding kunai this time. He additionally has an upgraded transfer he typically performs after he wall runs. Instead of dashing at you from the tower, he jumps within the air, flips a number of instances, then does a floor pound that has a big space of impact. Don’t try to dodge or block this assault. It’s higher to simply run away from it to create distance.

Native Dancer now casts a capability referred to as Night Reaper Mode which creates two clones of him. These doppelgangers have a lot much less well being than the boss however carry out the identical assaults, so defeat them rapidly.

The Native Dancer boss battle in No More Heroes 3

Create distance between the boss and the clones
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

Use the brand new talents Native Dancer gave you to acquire the higher hand on the three attackers. Death Slow is nice if all of them nook you. You can use the talent’s capability to decelerate your enemies to concentrate on the weaker clones first. Death Rain will passively harm the boss and his clones in the event that they step into the flexibility’s space of impact.

You can use Death Kick and Death Throw to scatter the enemies throughout the battlefield so you’ll be able to isolate a goal. Getting overwhelmed by three Native Dancers may be troublesome to handle, so don’t be afraid to run away and create distance.