In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you the way to defeat Sonic Juice. We’ll demystify every part of this JRPG-inspired battle by explaining the boss’s assaults, displaying you the way to keep away from taking injury, and sharing normal suggestions, tips, and techniques.

Sonic Juice: JRPG Battle

The Sonic Juice boss battle from No More Heroes 3

Yes, the sport turns into an RPG for this battle
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture through Polygon

In the primary part of the Sonic Juice boss battle in No More Heroes 3, the sport turns right into a turn-based Japanese role-playing sport. Instead of defeating the boss utilizing regular assaults, it’s essential to select your assaults from a menu like a standard role-playing sport.

Even although the sport mimics JRPGs like Final Fantasy, a lot of the instructions don’t work as anticipated.

  • Fight helps you to assault Sonic Juice together with your Beam Katana nevertheless it barely does injury.
  • Magic lists completely different spells you possibly can forged, however Travis doesn’t have any magic factors to forged something.
  • Summon ought to permit you to summon a companion to aid you in your battle, however nobody comes to your assist.
  • Charge helps you to replenish your Beam Katana’s battery as you assault Sonic Juice.
  • Item helps you to use herbs to replenish your well being.
  • Run doesn’t allow you to run away, as you possibly can’t run from boss fights in JRPGs.

As the battle goes on, you possibly can inform that attacking Sonic Juice is futile. You have to suppose exterior the field to transfer the battle ahead.

The Sonic Juice boss battle from No More Heroes 3

If attacking the boss doesn’t work, what about attacking one thing else?
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture through Polygon

Instead of putting your cursor on Sonic Juice to assault him for subsequent to no injury, you possibly can goal different issues on the display screen together with the System Window, Status Window, and Command Window.

Choose the Fight command and assault the Status Window and Command window. After a number of hits, each home windows get destroyed and the battle then transitions into one thing extra like the remainder of the boss battles in No More Heroes 3.

Sonic Juice: Phase 1

The Sonic Juice boss battle from No More Heroes 3

Run to one aspect of the sector to dodge Legendary Water
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture through Polygon

After destroying the JRPG parts within the first part of the boss battle with Sonic Juice, your opponent begins attacking you want each different boss.

Sonic Juice has a number of long-range and melee assaults. The boss casts Legendary Water, similar to he did within the JRPG part of the battle. Dodge the huge ball of water because it splashes down.

The alien additionally shoots bird-shaped projectiles from his eyes. This assault spreads out the farther it goes, so run towards the display screen to achieve area and dodge appropriately.

When you get too shut, Sonic Juice both does an overhead punch or a sweeping arm assault. These two assaults are tougher to see the nearer you’re to him, so prepare to block once you see him winding up to assault.

Sonic Juice: Phase 2

In the second part of the Sonic Juice boss battle, your opponent makes use of two new water-based assaults. Each of those fills up the whole battle enviornment and requires you to continually transfer to dodge them.

  1. The first is a spinning star of water that covers the bottom. Run in a circle or soar over every lane of water to keep away from getting hit.
  2. The different assault is a vertical spinning wheel of water that slowly strikes towards you. Move between the jets of water, and rush ahead to assault the boss.

Sonic Juice: Phase 3

In the ultimate part of the Sonic Juice boss battle in No More Heroes 3, your enemy provides two extra huge assaults.

  1. The first is a giant wave that covers nearly the whole enviornment. Run to the far nook reverse to the place the wave is coming from to keep away from it.
  2. The second assault is a sequence of three exploding rings of water. Move between the rings earlier than the water explodes upward.