In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll present you ways to defeat Velvet Chair Girl and her companion Ohma. We’ll demystify every section of this musical chairs battle by explaining the boss’s assaults, exhibiting you ways to keep away from taking injury, and sharing basic ideas, tips, and methods.

Velvet Chair Girl

The Velvet Chair Girl boss battle in No More Heroes 3

Yes, that is actually musical chairs
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

In the primary section of the Velvet Chair Girl boss battle in No More Heroes 3, you’ve to play musical chairs. Seriously.

Move to the beat of the music by following the button prompts, the music, and the metronome displayed on the display. Keep hitting the buttons on time till the music stops. Each time you hit the button to the beat, you get a velocity increase to your motion. If you hit the flawed button or miss a immediate, you stumble.

When the music ends, sprint to the chairs within the middle of the stage. The extra you get a velocity increase, the simpler it’s to seize your self a seat. The reverse can be true: The extra you stumble, the tougher grabbing a seat turns into.

As you play alongside to the music, control the purple cursor that pinpoints your location so you understand what path to press when the music stops.

This sport goes on for three rounds, with every stage including extra buttons to press. Those who fail to discover a seat when the music ends get was cartoon monsters and die. Keep going till solely you and Velvet Chair Girl are left.

The ultimate spherical is between you and Velvet Chair Girl. Defeat her in musical chairs.


The Velvet Chair Girl boss battle in No More Heroes 3

Ohma’s assaults are a one-hit kill.
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Polygon

After defeating No More Heroes 3’s Velvet Chair Girl in musical chairs, her companion Ohma grows in dimension. Now it’s time for a extra conventional battle.

Ohma’s laser assault is a one-hit kill so keep away from it in any respect prices. Get hit, and you flip right into a cartoon monster and lose the battle. Lock onto Ohma and run circles round it to keep away from getting blasted.

The boss monster first does a collection of brief blasts you’ve to dodge, adopted by a for much longer beam. When it does its extended assault, run round its again to take just a few hits. If you utilize Death Slow, you possibly can improve the time it takes for Ohma to flip round, permitting you to hit it much more. You also can solid Death Rain to add some passive injury on the boss.

The extra you assault Ohma, the smaller it will get. When it’s on the final half of its life bar, it flies into the air and blasts its laser down on you in a round sample. Stay forward of the laser because it spins across the enviornment. You also can strive getting below Ohma because it shoots the laser, but it surely’s a riskier means of dodging this assault.