Watch Dogs: Legion‘s latest update is now available. Update 5.5 adds new playable hero Darcy for season pass holders and a plethora of new content for all players, including Resistance Mode that adds a twist to the campaign. There’s additionally an Assassin’s Creed crossover occasion and new PvP modes within the type of Extraction and Invasion.

Darcy is the ultimate season move hero to be added to the sport, following within the footsteps of Mina Sidhu, Aiden Pierce, and Wrench. While not a personality from an Assassin’s Creed recreation, she’s an descendent of Jacob and Evie Fry from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Her devices and weapons embrace a Hidden Blade, Eagle Drone, AR Disguise, Assassin’s Gun, and an Assassin’s Dart Gun, whereas her passive capacity makes use of her Assassin’s Training. The two new world missions and single-player missions will pit her in opposition to a Templar opponent though Ubisoft stopped wanting spoilers.

Invasion mode additionally returns to the Watch Dogs franchise and is joined by Extraction, a tackle Capture The Flag. The standalone Legion of the Dead game mode makes its option to consoles, and Resistance mode provides quite a lot of twists to the marketing campaign. These are rounded out by a protracted listing of bug fixes and gameplay enhancements, all of which could be seen beneath.

Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5 Patch Notes

New recreation modeResistance Mode

Step right into a difficult new option to expertise Legion’s marketing campaign, the place:

  • Almost all enemies are Elite and use their particular gadget extra typically
  • Max ammunition is considerably decreased
  • Enemies detect you a lot quicker
  • Albion will detect and acknowledge DedSec within the open world if you happen to get too shut
  • Albion Checkpoints will detect DedSec and set off an Albion pursuit
  • Albion has trapped some Tech Points round London. Collecting “TRAPPED” Tech Points will set off an Albion pursuit
  • Tech Tree economic system is rebalanced, with the strongest upgrades costing extra Tech Points
  • Albion Pursuits are harder, escalate quicker, and set off extra typically
  • Enemies are far faster to name reinforcements and escalate to deadly drive
  • Most talents, hacks, and devices have considerably longer cooldowns
  • Tube station quick journey is disabled
  • Health regeneration takes longer to kick in
  • Explosives can’t be armed with the ‘Trap’ hack. Trigger the “Explode” hack or shoot it when an enemy walks by
  • Injury and Arrest instances are considerably longer
  • The Infiltrator Spiderbot can’t execute takedowns
  • Most civilians begin out disliking DedSec
  • Permadeath is at all times ON
  • Added an achievement for finishing the marketing campaign on Resistance Mode

New recreation mode: Invasion

The fan-favorite Invasion PvP mode is again in Watch Dogs: Legion, and with Play as Anyone it’s been upgraded to the following degree. As from Watch Dogs video games, Invaders will try to finish the obtain on Search workforce members. In Watch Dogs: Legion, Invaders have entry to extra instruments of deception, together with the flexibility to swap to different Operatives on this planet to keep away from being detected. The Search workforce will must use their entire arsenal of weapons, talents, and instruments within the setting, to stop the obtain from ending.

New recreation mode: Extraction

Another addition to TU5.5 is our third PvP mode, Extraction, Watch Dogs: Legion’s tackle Capture-The Flag. A Four participant Free-For-All the place you get hold of crypto drives and race throughout town to add the info, whereas different gamers will attempt to cease you in any respect prices.

New crossover occasion: Assassin’s Creed

  • Two new single-player missions
  • Two new world missions.
  • Season Pass content material: New High Value Character – Darcy

Abilities, Gadget and Weapons:

The iconic Assassin weapon. Improves melee and carry out takedowns from any angle

Scout drone that may self-destruct and might emit a short-range EMP

  • Assassin Training (Passive)

Avoid detection for longer whereas in stealth, and take much less weapon harm whereas sprinting

Assume the look of a soldier with entry to restricted places. Also applies to close by allies in multiplayer

A discreet Brotherhood pistol that fires a single excessive harm shot. Automatically reloads whereas holstered

A hid dart gun that causes human targets to go berserk. Automatically reloads whereas holstered

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead updates: 

With Title Update 5.5 the sport mode Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead shall be out there on all platforms immediately by means of the primary recreation, with no separate obtain vital. Game mode updates:

Enemies Archetype 

  • Clan Kelley Grenadier: Wears a dynamite vest and explodes on dying
  • Dev remark: This zombie could be strategically used to clear teams of zombies as they may drop a bomb on dying. It’s harmful to allow them to get shut to you although, so preserve a distance!
  • Screamer: Let’s out a very distinctive scream alerting different zombies to run towards gamers.
  • Dev remark: This zombie must be a excessive precedence goal for any survivor on the market. Take them out with shortly earlier than issues go actually unhealthy.

Increased density selection 

  • More selection in clusters composition
  • Drones spawning on the street enhancements: their quantity and kind can now range.

Updates to the extraction paths

  • There’s now an opportunity of heavy fog on half of the paths, dramatically affecting gameplay by lowering visibility for gamers and enemies
  • Added randomized climate pre-sets in each path, permitting visible distinction between every path
  • Rain, Haze, Heavy Fog, Day and Night
  • Four new paths added
  • Playlist order is now randomized

Abilities and weapons

  • 6 New Guns added to the listing
  • Goblin – Assault Rifle
  • Negev – LMG
  • P308 – Assault Rifle
  • LPO-97 – Grenade Launcher
  • StriborgSR9 Silenced – SMG
  • Vector – SMG
  • 2 new automobiles
  • MK3Marlott
  • CavaleLSE800
  • Car honk and automotive explosions will now entice zombies


Operatives are now saved between runs if the operative explicitly didn’t die. That implies that if the earlier session fails for every other causes (outing or one other participant dying), the participant will preserve his operative for the following spherical.

  • You can now reroll Operatives earlier than a session for 1 Credits
  • Extraction streaks will now be proven within the recreation foyer
  • Co-Op waypoints
  • The recreation will show the best way factors of different gamers, making it simpler to cooperate with teammates.

General updates:

The begin menu has been up to date to incorporate Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

High Value Characters:

  • Mina has acquired a singular loading display screen when switching to her.

Fallen Operatives within the Team Menu

  • Fallen Operatives will now proceed to be displayed within the Team Menu till you retire them.

Additional Save Slots

  • Added two new save slots to consoles

Operatives on Map

  • All recruited Operatives now seem on the primary map with their profile image.
  • Updated Operative Hover card
  • Portrait, Name, Occupation, and present schedule or main bio data shall be displayed when hovering over an Operative on the map.
  • Operatives go about their each day schedules, but additionally could place themselves close to missions
  • Operative Swap cutscenes play extra typically when swapping to an operative from the map
  • Operatives seem on the map in each Classic and Resistance single participant campaigns

Online Mode:

Spiderbot Arena

  • Increased most participant restrict to eight

New Season

  • Season three begins with TU5.5
  • New reward monitor has been added to the Online Mode.

Co-Op Missions

  • Reduced finish of Mission timer to 23 seconds.
  • Mission “Dysfunction” was tweaked in a number of areas to make it barely simpler to finish.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a problem that would trigger participant names to overlap within the Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead recreation foyer.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting a black shadow on Aiden Pearce’s collar.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting duplicated lighting layers in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead.
  • Fixed some closed doorways in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead.
  • Fixed a number of clipping points on Operative outfits.
  • Removed incorrect placeholder textual content within the in-game retailer when hovering over objects on sale.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting some emotes to be lacking from Wrench’s masks.
  • Fixed a problem that triggered the information part of Ubisoft Connect to typically not accurately show.
  • Fixed a problem that would trigger the sport to crash when leaving a mission space whereas the mission was in progress within the Online mode.
  • Fixed a problem that would trigger all hacking interactions to develop into unresponsive after performing a save/load through the Red King Bloodline Mission.
  • Fixed a problem that would take away already visited outlets from the DedSec store underneath sure circumstances when creating or becoming a member of a brand new Online mode session.
  • Fixed lacking speaker names within the subtitles through the “Inside Albion” mission.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed gamers to hijack Drones in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead with out the mandatory capacity.
  • Fixed a problem inflicting the subtitles to overlap through the “Vigilance” Bloodline mission.
  • Fixed a number of lacking sound results when hovering over UI parts with a mouse.


  • Fixed a problem that would trigger the menu to freeze and a disconnection error to repeatedly repeat when disconnecting whereas accessing the Bloodline primary menu on PlayStation Four and PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed a problem that triggered the sport to not verify web connectivity when utilizing the “Load cloud save” or “Upload save to cloud” choices on PlayStation Four and PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4

  • Fixed a problem that would trigger the sport to crash underneath sure circumstances.

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed a problem that triggered a cinematic through the Bloodline enlargement to flash too brightly.

[Source: Ubisoft]