After years of rumors, hypothesis, stories, and datamining, Naughty Dog’s largest open secret has lastly been confirmed by the developer itself: Naughty Dog is working on “the studio’s first standalone multiplayer game.” The firm tweeted out a variety of job listings expressly for the multiplayer title from its official NaughtyDogJobs account.

While we’ve identified for a whereas now that Naughty Dog is working on one thing multiplayer, it wasn’t clear whether or not it could be a Factions mode added to The Last of Us Part II, a separate recreation, or one thing else altogether. Some even puzzled if the multiplayer recreation/mode had been dropped because the studio cast ahead with no matter it was creating subsequent. Now, nonetheless, we all know that a standalone multiplayer recreation is coming from the studio, most definitely increasing on the Factions mode from the primary Last of Us that was pulled from the second recreation (the picture within the above tweet exhibits The Last of Us Part II).

Naughty Dog is hiring for the next positions for its multiplayer recreation:

  • Associate Gameplay Scripter
  • Gameplay Scripter
  • Level/Environment Designer
  • Monetization/Economy Designer
  • Systems Designer
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • AI Programmer
  • Animation Programmer
  • Backend Programmer
  • Associate Multiplayer Quality Assurance Tester/Development Support
  • UI Scripter/Programmer

Naughty Dog has loads of expertise with implementing multiplayer modes into its video games. Uncharted 2, 3, and 4 all had multiplayer, in addition to The Last of Us. However, this would be the first time Naughty Dog has developed a standalone multiplayer recreation not linked to a main flagship single-player expertise.

Naughty Dog’s work on this multiplayer recreation was effectively outed multiple times by job listings up to now, and it looks like the studio obtained forward of the hypothesis right here to substantiate it for themselves. The Last of Us Part II was supposed to have multiplayer, however it was lower within the curiosity of the single-player expertise. However, datamines and these job listings confirmed that the Studio had saved working on the multiplayer expertise, although what it seems like now is anybody’s guess.