Bethesda has revealed some new particulars on Starfield, its eagerly anticipated new open-world sport that can launch earlier than Elder Scrolls VI. Released as a part of Gamescom, three movies element a number of new Starfield places – in addition to particulars on among the sport’s organisations, fish-drugs, and a scary-sounding velociraptor-wolf.

The movies narrated by design director Emil Pagliarulo introduce three beforehand unrevealed places for Starfield. The first is New Atlantis, the capital metropolis spaceport of the sport’s strongest faction – the United Colonies – and is described as “a true melting pot” of all races and creeds and is “a true reflection of the future of our world”.

The second particulars the “pleasure city” of Neon, house of the Xenofresh Corporation, which constructed a good little fishing platform on a water-world – till it found a fish “with psychotropic properties” and found promoting this drug-fish was extra worthwhile than simply fishing. The drug known as Aurora is simply authorized on Neon, so individuals come from all around the galaxy to expertise the delights of the fish.

Finally, there’s Akila City, the house of the Freestar Collective, “a loose confederation of three distinct star systems”. They appear the nicest faction, as they imagine in “the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality”, however gamers ought to beware venturing past Akila’s partitions – as they’re there to maintain out an alien predator known as the Ashta, which Pagliarulo describes as “a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor”. Lovely.

Here’s New Atlantis:

YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s the drug fish metropolis of Neon:

YouTube Thumbnail

And right here’s the town terrified of velociraptor-wolves:

YouTube Thumbnail

Starfield is at present down for a release in November 2022 and continues to trickle out new information at a snail’s pace – however at the least we find out about it ultimately, and that it’s definitely coming to PC.

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