In addition to being a completely terrifying work of online game horror, Dead Space is understood for the distinctive manner it asks you to take care of the Necromorphs, the horrifying reanimated and reworked corpses that stalk the claustrophobic USG Ishimura spacecraft. The recreation famously asks the participant, because the engineer Isaac Clarke, to chop off their limbs. This remains to be true within the forthcoming Dead Space remake, however stated limb-cutting seems prefer it will be even gnarlier than earlier than.

On a livestream from the Dead Space remake builders at EA’s Motive Studio, the builders confirmed off extraordinarily early footage of a prototype displaying the sport’s reworked limb-cutting. (Or severance bundle. Get it?)

Much like within the authentic recreation, that is performed with sci-fi variations of commercial instruments like plasma cutters, and by focusing on the Necromorphs’ numerous extremities to lop them off with lasers and numerous deadly acoutrements. The remake retains this intact, however provides some strategic depth. Now, every weapon will have an effect on totally different sorts of Necromorph in various methods — some will stagger, stun, or shred relying on what enemy kind they’re used on. It’s a change that will doubtless encourage gamers to make use of more of the sport’s weapons versus sticking with the helpful plasma cutter for his or her complete playthrough.

Additionally, the elevated element afforded by current-gen {hardware} and EA’s Frostbite engine imply that dismemberment will be rendered in even larger element, with layers of flesh and bone flaying away earlier than the Necromorph is out of fee. In conserving with the ethos of the unique recreation, this isn’t only for beauty causes – the quantity of flesh on the Necromorph’s physique is now an indicator of well being.

The remake will additionally handle one of many few sore spots within the first Dead Space: the sport’s zero-gravity sections. Motive confirmed off a quick demo of a zero-gravity part, displaying the brand new recreation’s improved tackle zero-G controls that will doubtless serve to make these elements a lot much less irritating.

It’s nonetheless very early within the course of — in line with Motive, Dead Space is simply a few yr into improvement — however from this primary look, the Dead Space remake seems to be an especially devoted rebuild of the 2008 recreation with some small tweaks all through. Bigger modifications had been teased, however it could be some time earlier than we get to see any of them.