As an RPG, Skyrim already provides a ton of choices in the way you need to construct your Dragonborn and strategy the game’s deep and harmful world. But, there’s at all times enjoyable to be had in much more selection, and a brand new, “non-intrusive”, Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired Skyrim mod seems set to provide simply that, with the addition of a batch of recent traditional RPG-style classes and a mastering system for them.

“Sets of Skills is a non-intrusive class mod that tries to combine the classic RPG classes with the ‘You can do whatever you want’ design philosophy of Skyrim,” modder Robin959 explains in a Reddit submit saying their new creation. Inspired by the class and job system of traditional tactical RPG Final Fantasy Tactics, the mod integrates into the base game’s present system, sitting comfortably alongside its ability timber with out tinkering with them, and is tied to your Dragonborn’s regular character degree.

Where the mod provides some thrilling new choices is in its 17 new classes, which give bonuses to XP gained for the expertise associated to them. So, as per the modder’s instance, the Scout class will provide bonuses to the archery and light-weight armour expertise, whereas the Mystic class will do the identical however for phantasm and alteration spells.

Additionally, they bestow a base perk that ranges up with the mod’s class system ranges. So, Rogues will achieve a buff to assault velocity and Merchants will get a buff to costs per class degree, for instance. Then, for each 5 class ranges hit, every class is granted a brand new perk. These could be issues like doubled crucial injury for Fighters at degree 5, or potions lasting for 2 further hits for those who’re an Assassin. Sweet.

Some classes have stipulations you’ll want to hit earlier than you’ll be able to equip them to your Dragonborn, you’ll be able to swap between them freely when you’ve unlocked them at any time – although it’s value noting you’ll be able to briefly lose some class expertise in the event that they’re not at present mastered and also you select to equip one other, totally different class. Levelling up occurs if you’ve obtained a category outfitted, and you may grasp one by hitting its prime degree – one thing value pursuing because it means you’ll be able to preserve all of its perks and expertise even for those who then unequip it.

Mastering occurs in two alternative ways, relying on whether or not you’re taking part in on regular or hardcore mode. The former works principally as described above, whereas the latter will solely allow you to grasp a set variety of classes and it could actually’t be reversed, so that you’ll be just about locked into a couple of and want to decide correctly.

The listing of classes included in the mod are as follows, for those who’re eager for the full rundown: Scout, Assassin, Burglar, Thief, Nightblade, Fighter, Rogue, Duellist, Merchant, Warrior, Barbarian, Spellblade, Knight, Mage, Occultist, Battlemage, and Mystic – all with their very own build-specific perks. Whew! You can test these out in full on the modder’s useful graphic right here (open in a brand new tab for those who’re eager to zoom in).

To seize the mod for your self, head to Nexus Mods right here. As ever, mod with warning, and ensure to try our listing of the greatest RPG video games and fantasy video games on PC for extra.