Apex Legends builders are placing brakes on their plans to get rid of “tap-strafing,” a motion meta-tactic expert gamers use to be much more cellular. The studio on Monday said it had “discovered some unexpected side effects” and is “delaying our planned change to a later patch.”

“After further testing, we’ve concluded we need to take more time to get this right to make sure related movement mechanics aren’t caught in the crossfire,” Respawn Entertainment wrote on Twitter.

On Aug. 31, Respawn stated tap-strafing’s days have been numbered. The transfer is a tough flip, executed in midair, which is often utilized by keyboard-and-mouse gamers on Apex Legends’ PC model. The inputs essential to tap-strafe will also be certain to completely different buttons (or the scroll wheel) on a gaming mouse, making the turns simpler to drag off.

Two weeks in the past, Respawn referred to as tap-strafing “inaccessible” to a lot of the viewers in a game that absolutely helps cross-platform play. The transfer additionally “lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities,” the studio stated. A giant instance of that’s the Launch Pad final that Octane can deploy, because the double-jump it allows makes tap-strafing much more efficient.

Apex Legends gamers at first jeered the change, saying that tap-strafing as a bonus to keyboard-and-mouse gamers countered the purpose help benefit unique to gamepad customers. Still others disputed that the combined inhabitants of PC and console gamers was a significant motive for the change. PC gamers, by default, are matched with different PC gamers, and though some select to make use of a gamepad, gamers stated Respawn ought to implement input-based matchmaking and depart tap-strafing alone.

Respawn didn’t give any indication what change, if any, can be coming when tap-strafing is addressed, when that can be, or when the following patch will even launch. Apex Legends is presently in its tenth season (subtitled Emergence), and builders already nerfed the brand new character Emergence launched with a mid-August patch.