For all of Bungie’s spectacular tips proven within the reveal of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, the addition of Hive Guardians is probably going the largest. While monumental from a story perspective, Hive Guardians can even form every struggle wherein they’re current. Like the Guardians that gamers management, Hive Guardians can use Supers, they usually can resurrect — they’ll struggle like us.

In an interview with Destiny 2 recreation director Joe Blackburn and basic supervisor Justin Truman, we spoke concerning the challenges that Hive Guardians deliver to the sector.

“We want it to feel like you’re fighting you,” mentioned Blackburn. “We want it to feel like you’re fighting something that you understand. The playing field has been leveled in a bunch of interesting ways.”

In the trailer for The Witch Queen, we see a Hive Guardian throw what seems like Titan’s Sentinel Shields. We see a Hive Guardian leap into the air and Blade Barrage a human Guardian. But like actual Guardians, their powers don’t cease with throwing the Light again at us. Persistency is the secret.

“When we think about a Hive Guardian going down, you can see some of that [leveled playing field] with a Ghost orbiting around there,” mentioned Blackburn. “And you know that like, ‘hey, that thing is gonna come back alive if I don’t deal with it. […] I have a rez timer in PvE. Mine might say 30 seconds; I don’t know what theirs say. But I know that they’re going to be smashing the X button soon to get get back alive, right?’”

In the identical reveal for The Witch Queen, we see a Guardian kill a Hive, seize the Hive Ghost, and smash it to items of their hand. While probably horrifying for lore nerds — Ghosts are treasured, and we’ve only really seen one die on-screen before — it’s clear that Guardians should disable the Ghost if they need the Hive to remain useless.

In speaking to Blackburn concerning the new Glaive weapon, he spoke concerning the stress gamers will likely be below to achieve a Hive Ghost as soon as they kill its Hive Guardian. Guardians might want to expose themselves to handle that Ghost as quickly as potential, earlier than the resurrections occur. Glaives, Blackburn mentioned, allow you to courageous that journey a bit extra simply because of the weapon’s cellular protect.

All that mentioned, the precise gameplay facet of defeating a Ghost is unclear. Truman and Blackburn mentioned it’s one thing they need gamers to expertise for themselves. Based on what we’ve seen, it seems like killing a Ghost will perform equally to utilizing a Finisher on an enemy combatant.

Finishing off a Hive Guardian’s Ghost will seemingly be a participant’s greatest precedence in fight, as even when enemy Guardians aren’t casting Supers, they’re doing different issues Guardians do. “The first time you see a Hive Acolyte throw a Solar grenade that you’ve seen before at you, it’s like, ‘Holy shit, why is this tracking me around the corner?’” mentioned Blackburn. “[Hive Guardians] immediately elicit this response that’s like, ‘Hey, this is a threat, and I need to take care of it.’ Right? It’s like an invader in Gambit coming out. ‘Oh, OK. Guardian on the field.’”

More than something, Bungie desires gamers to worry Hive Guardians. Truman spoke about Destiny’s lengthy historical past of enemies fearing a Guardian once they present up — one thing Bungie began again in Halo, when enemy Grunts would panic as soon as Master Chief killed their Elite. The design workforce desires gamers to expertise that very same stage of dread when a Hive Guardian interrupts an in any other case routine encounter.