Mario Kart meets Final Fantasy in Chocobo GP, a new racer from Square Enix. The game will come to Nintendo Switch with a 2022 launch window, as introduced at a Nintendo Direct on Thursday.

The racer appears to be like like a customary kart game, besides with its personal Final Fantasy aptitude. You’ll have the ability to drift enhance and use assaults to throw off your rivals, however as an alternative of hitting character with blue or pink shells, you’ll have the ability to use magic like Fire, Fira, or Firaga from the Final Fantasy universe to race your technique to first place.

In it, you’ll get to play as standard character from throughout the Final Fantasy franchise just like the chocobo, Shiroma, and Vivi. And whereas there are many karts to decide on from, you can too put your chocobo on curler skates for a easy experience.

Courses are impressed by the universe the place you’ll have the ability to pace your approach via programs like, “Cid’s test course,” impressed by the pilot and mechanic you battle alongside in Final Fantasy 7.