A cherry purple Corvette Stingray cuts by a Los Angeles avenue race, when, with little warning and plenty of noise, a hail of missiles pulverizes the freeway, clouding the air with mud and hearth. The vapor path results in a squadron of assault helicopters floating in entrance of the California solar. It’s an ambush. The Corvette swerves to evade its pursuers, however the street’s congested by a trio of 18-wheelers carrying humongous platinum tanks stuffed with — what else — gasoline.

Click! A missile releases from a chopper, then speeds towards the closest semi. The driver of the Stingray stomps on the fuel, twists open a can of nitrous, and — defying physics — sends the car into the air, performing a barrel roll inches above the explosion and into security.

Thank you for attending my dramatic recreation of my first 20 seconds of an early race in Cruis’n Blast, certainly one of the extra charming and messy video games launched on Nintendo Switch this yr.

If you’ve ever visited a musky small-town bar or a Holiday Inn game room, you’ve in all probability come throughout the first entry in the Cruis’n franchise, 1994’s arcade basic Cruis’n USA. Affinity for the sequence dropped with every following entry, earlier than plummeting into obscurity with 2001’s Cruis’n Velocity. Despite the closure of arcade writer Midway and the dying of practically each arcade in America, the creators of Cruis’n by no means took their foot off the fuel. Series creator Eugene Jarvis (Defender, Robotron: 2084) based Raw Thrills, a bluntly named arcade game developer that’s been quietly producing a few game a yr since 2004. It’s liable for acquainted stuff, like entries in the Big Buck Hunter Series, and some not-so-familiar stuff, like arcade variations of movies like Cars and Alien: Covenant. And in 2017, alongside sequels and advertising and marketing tie-ins, the studio managed to supply the first Cruis’n game in over a decade, Cruis’n Blast.

OK, let’s pause for a second since you ought to watch me win a race earlier than we go any additional. Here’s a fast video:

As you possibly can see, Blast is almost similar in construction to its predecessors. The purpose is to be the first throughout the end line at the finish of a straight observe that carves by more and more comical settings. Alongside fuel and break, Blast provides the means to float and enhance à la Mario Kart. You can improve your automobile, purchase nitrous, and crash enemies, however the solely actual problem is staying on the street.

Now you possibly can play Blast with out shoveling tokens right into a gaudy arcade cupboard, due to a beefy port for the Nintendo Switch. The excellent news is that the port’s cheaper than shopping for an arcade cupboard and contains some new automobiles, modes, and tracks. The dangerous information: It will price you $39.99 for a racing game with solely 5 places and graphics that might have appeared cutting-edge throughout the Clinton presidency. I accomplished the whole marketing campaign and unlocked most of the automobiles throughout my flight from Los Angeles to Detroit with a layover in Dallas.

In Cruis’n Blast, a truck barrel through Los Angeles, escaping a UFO attack.

Image: Raw Thrills by way of Polygon

On one hand, that’s a brief period of time to see most of what any racing game has to supply. On the different hand, I skilled the single biggest day of air journey in the historical past of humankind. Reader, this video game guidelines.

If my intro appeared like a synopsis of a Fast and Furious set-piece, that’s as a result of developer Raw Thrills has produced 4 Fast and Furious arcade video games. They clearly realized from the expertise. The first half of the game performs like an unofficial spinoff of the movies, replete with nighttime avenue races in worldwide cities and police chases in tropical islands.

And but, these introductory programs are fairly subdued in comparison with the again half of the game. After my Stingray escaped from LA, it drove into earthquakes, below UFOs, and away from dinosaurs. By the closing credit, I had been awarded the freedom to drive stated UFOs and dinosaurs. So far, I’ve unlocked plenty of automobiles, vehicles, and bikes, together with a helicopter, a flying saucer, a triceratops, and a unicorn.

Does a helicopter look foolish because it performs a nitrous back-flip whereas racing automobiles by an ice cavern overtaken by yetis the measurement of the Statue of Liberty? Yes! That’s the level! If this game had been produced by a small indie game maker as a loving ode to a dead sequence, I genuinely consider we’d be praising the borderline DIY visuals as daring, bizarre, and psychedelic. I feel Raw Thrills, even with its pedigree, deserves an analogous good thing about the doubt, that the game’s tough edges are in some methods an intentional alternative. A vibe.

Cruis’n Blast borrows loads from movies like the Fast and Furious franchise. But as these movies get increased budgets and extra polished visible results, their creators may be taught from a game like Cruis’n Blast: Too a lot polish can conceal all the enjoyable.

Cruis’n Blast was launched Sept. 14 on Nintendo Switch. The game was reviewed on Switch utilizing a retail obtain code supplied by Raw Thrills. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These don’t affect editorial content material, although Vox Media could earn commissions for merchandise bought by way of affiliate hyperlinks. You can discover further details about Polygon’s ethics coverage right here.