In August 2021, Spike Chunsoft talked about its Danganronpa x Sanrio merchandise. During its TGS 2021 stream, it reminded those that the objects are actually out there in Japan. The assortment launched on the finish of September 2021. During the present, a pouch and hand sanitizer with Hello Kitty as Monokuma on it confirmed up. The Sanrio Anime Store Online has all 17 completely different sorts of things out there, with all of them anticipated to ship in November 2021.

All of the objects contain characters from the Danganronpa sequence paired up with Sanrio characters. However, the Monokuma Hello Kitty is simply out there on the hand sanitizer.

The sorts of objects differ. For instance, there two pin units that offer you eight sorts of designs for ¥4,224 (~$37) every. There are additionally two units of acrylic standees for ¥7,040 (~$63) every. Each one entails eight completely different designs. There are additionally ¥880 (~$8) accent circumstances, ¥1,518 (~$14) cross holders, ¥1,100 (~$10) mirrors, a ¥2,200 (~$20) tote bag, a ¥440 (~$4) clear file, the ¥660 (~$6) hand sanitizers, and a ¥1,650 (~$16) pouch that may maintain a masks.

As for the pairings, right here’s the official listing of which Danganronpa characters are paired up with Sanrio icons.

  • Aoi is with Keroppi
  • Byakuya is with Badtz Maru
  • Celestia is with Kuromi
  • Chihiro is with Sugar Bunnies
  • Hifumi is with Pokopon Nikki
  • Junko is with Hello Kitty
  • Kiyotaka is with Pekkle
  • Kyoko is with Marroncream
  • Leon is with We Are Dinosaurs
  • Makoto is with Cinnamoroll
  • Mondo is with Goropikadon
  • Mukuro is with Little Twin Stars
  • Sakura is with My Sweet Piano
  • Sayaka is with Wish Me Mell
  • Toko is with Lloromannic
  • Yasuhiro is with Monkichi

The Danganronpa x Sanrio objects can be found for a restricted time and, if bought on-line, will ship in early November 2021.