In addition to new graphical updates, missions, and levels to tackle, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has additionally mounted a number of the extra problematic components current within the game. Specifically, Kojima Productions has included an addendum to the controversial “An Asexual World” information log entry which not solely addresses the unique textual content’s discriminatory undertone but in addition affirms the validity of asexuality.

The information log in query is unlocked partway by means of the story and describes how folks within the post-apocalyptic world of Death Stranding keep away from forming emotional connections with others—an overarching theme within the game’s narrative, in addition to being a social commentary on right now’s society by Kojima. The log explains how start charges have decreased dramatically, partly because of the inherent risks that BTs current in every day life.

However, the unique information log concluded by categorizing the “vast majority of the population” as asexual, thereby implying that asexuality is a circumstance of the setting fairly than one thing that individuals are born with and select to determine as. Worse but, the log additionally famous that there was an “increasing popularity” within the “sexless lifestyle,” and claimed that the Stranding—the apocalyptic first look of BTs that killed hundreds and splintered the United States — was the reason for non-heteronormative sexual identities. The implication was that identities similar to asexual, demisexual, and panromantic had been issues brought on by the Stranding, and had been due to this fact elements that had been fallacious and wanted to be corrected.

Fortunately, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has made an edit to the info log that not solely addresses these discriminatory implications however does so in a manner that additionally provides to the narrative of the game. A brand new addendum brings extra context to the thesis about individuals who determine exterior of cisgender heteronormativity. Below is a tweet by Alessandro Fillari displaying a screenshot of the log in query:

Below the unique textual content, the log now states that it’s “Flagged for Archival Review.” From there, the textual content explains that the thesis is “widely regarded as unsubstantiated and discriminatory,” and notes that the “prevailing theory is that increased self-identification of aforementioned sexualities is due to increased societal awareness and acceptance.” Additionally, the info log mentions that queer identities and those who “fall outside of cisgender heteronormativity” confronted vital discrimination and persecution “leading to suppression and concealment as survival strategies.”

More importantly, the edit additionally separates the rise of queer self-identification from the reason for declining birthrates—a standard right-wing speaking level that has just lately caused significant uproar within the Japanese LGBTQ group.

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[Source: Twitter by way of ResetEra]