One of the most important complaints about cross-gen saves for PlayStation games has been how cumbersome it may be to get your save from PS4 to PS5. While more moderen video games have made this considerably simpler (requiring solely that the PS4 save by current on a USB drive or in PS Plus cloud storage), some cross-gen video games require you to have the unique PS4 model put in and switch your save from the principle menu of the last-gen model of the game—notably annoying again when the PS5’s inside SSD wasn’t expandable past its tiny 667GB storage restrict. Death Stranding Director’s Cut leans into this, integrating the PS4 to PS5 save switch into the game in a very meta approach that requires you to make one remaining supply earlier than transferring to PS5: your previous save file.

Now, on the very least, you received’t have to haul your save file throughout treacherous terrain. The course of merely entails booting up the PS4 model and discovering a supply terminal. From there, you’ll discover the choice to “Export Save Data” from inside the System menu. After that, it’s so simple as booting up Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5 and importing your save from the principle menu. Regardless, needing to really play as Sam one final time on the PS4 model is an unwieldy, but thematically acceptable alternative; one thing that no different video games have accomplished.

Was it formally designed to be that meta? That’s debatable. There are a few issues that don’t carry over from Death Stranding to Director’s Cut. Requiring you to do it from inside the game could be a safeguard to ensure you’ve accomplished any excellent deliveries earlier than trying the save switch (the save can’t be transferred when you’ve got any Open Orders). Regardless of its intentionality, it’s a bit poetic that Death Stranding of all titles—a game that controversially depends closely on its basis of cumbersome duties and is arguably better for it—makes the PS4 to PS5 save switch harder to do, not simpler.

And whereas it could not contain Sam actually carrying your Death Stranding save file to a supply terminal to add it, it nonetheless feels fairly a bit like you make that supply as Sam. The requirement of clearing up any excellent orders and making your approach to a supply terminal creates a robust bridge between the PS4 and PS5 variations of the game, extra so than any simplified save switch may.

I actually hope that any future PS4 to PS5 save transfers proceed to get simpler for gamers, however for Death Stranding, I give it a free cross for simply the way it suits into the meta commentary and themes that the game already exudes. Chances are when you performed the unique and liked it sufficient to improve, you’ll admire the additional effort that it takes for the save file switch. After all, it’s only one extra incommodious beat that serves in Death Stranding incomes its final payoff.

[h/t: MP1st]