Our Deathloop “Devouring of the Lambs” walkthrough will show you how to crash Aleksis’s occasion, seek for clues, enact the plan, kill Aleksis, and snatch Aleksis’ Karnesis Slab steps of this Visionary Lead.

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Devouring of the Lambs Loadout

We suggest the Shift Slab and Nexus Slab for “Devouring of the Lambs.” Shift is important to navigate some of the areas, and also you’ll get rather a lot of use out of Nexus at Aleksis’s occasion.

As for weapons, one thing silent is at all times good to have, and fill your different two slots along with your favorites.

Devouring of the Lambs walkthrough

Aleksis Dorsey is a uncommon goal: simple to find, however not really easy to search out.

Our Deathloop “Devouring of the Lambs” walkthrough isn’t the solely path via this district. You can take no matter path you need with as a lot stealth or fight as you see match. Our information focuses on the path(s) that result in each clue and Lead, letting you decide up any helpful weapons alongside the manner, and customarily avoiding fight.

For this Lead, we’re heading to Updaam in the night to attend Aleksis’s occasion.

Crash Aleksis’s Party

Aleksis is throwing a lupine masquerade with tight safety. So which wolf’s the rich host?

We’re heading to Updaam in the night. We’ve really been to the occasion earlier than as half of “What Wenjies Want.” Once once more, we’re heading to the rooftops and into Aleksis’s room — The Master’s Chambers.

This time, although, we’re going to take a barely totally different path into Dorsey Manor.

Search for Clues

Fan-fucking-tastic, everybody’s in a masks. So which wolf is the large dangerous? I want clues to determine Aleksis.

Devouring of the Lambs – Deathloop guide and tips

Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks by way of Polygon

Start the similar manner — take the left path out of the tunnels, cope with the Eternalists, and lower via the Candy Bar. Continue alongside till you attain the place we lower via the tunnel earlier than — under the wall of TVs that learn “the night time is the right time.”

Duck into the small tunnel (window?) there, and take a left. Pass via the subsequent window and comply with the ledge proper. Climb over the wall in your proper, and take the stairs up. Follow all of them the technique to a door.

Devouring of the Lambs – Deathloop guide and tips

Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks by way of Polygon

Quietly step inside, and use Shift to hop throughout the lighting fixtures. There’s an open window over to the left. Shift via that window.

Cut proper as quickly as you land — there’s an Eternalist in the corridor who would possibly spot you. To the proper and round the nook is the sound sales space that might be essential in a minute.

Turn round from the Music Sampler to discover a door. Deal with the pair of Eternalists outdoors, and step via. Look above the door you simply got here via for an open window. Jump and Shift via.

Devouring of the Lambs – Deathloop guide and tips

Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks by way of Polygon

You’ll land in Aleksis’s rest room — the place he writes a brand new tune each morning (which suggests the code you’ll discover is totally different each loop). You’ll see some “the Alpha’s throne” graffiti above the rest room. Read the Perfection doc and take heed to the Egor Unfiltered, Part 2 cassette.

Before you allow, look in the nook of the room subsequent to the rest room. There’s a Music Sampler right here set to Aleksis’s “perfect” combine. Remember these numbers.

Enact the Plan

I’ve discovered one thing that would trick Aleksis into revealing himself.

Now it’s time to play DJ. If Aleksis spots you at any level from right here on, you’ll get a “Loop and Return” step for this lead — which simply means you must do that stealthily.

Drop again all the way down to the sound sales space and enter these numbers into the Music Sampler. Look over the railing and watch the dance flooring under you.

Kill Alexsis and Snatch Aleksis’ Karnesis Slab

I believe I’ve singled out Aleksis. Only one technique to know for certain: with bloodshed.


Aleksis loves his Karnesis Slab. I’ve gotta dominate him for it … to demise. Or I may get fortunate with Julianna. Ew.

Devouring of the Lambs – Deathloop guide and tips

Image: Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks by way of Polygon

Aleksis will announce, “All lights on me!” and begin dancing alone in the center of the room. Take him out.

Party Animal

I’ve discovered a technique to unmask Aleksis. There might be others to strive.

That completes “Devouring of the Lambs.” Since we’ve already arrange the invitation for Wenjie in “What Wenjies Want,” she’ll be dancing up on the roof — be at liberty to go take her out too. If you’ve sabotaged Frank’s fireworks this loop — like we discovered in “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” — you’ll get a notification that he died as properly. We’re making progress.

Let’s try that final Visionary Lead subsequent.