During yesterday’s Dead Space remake live stream event, Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio revealed that the upcoming title is not going to solely characteristic up to date environments, it’ll additionally include new environments and new methods to navigate them. Additionally, the zero-g mechanics might be overhauled.

“Now you can interact as you fly around, go into tighter corridors and it allows us to revisit some of the old content and introduce new ways to navigate,” defined inventive director Roman Campos-Oriola. “It allows us to create new environments with new challenges to surprise the people who know the game.”

While the reboot will include new options similar to a dynamic flesh-peeling system, EA Motive has reiterated that Dead Space‘s foundations won’t be changed.

“We are not going to change the foundation of the story because that story is really iconic,” Campos-Oriola continued. “It’s about being Isaac, going into that hulking spaceship, and feeling alone and isolated as you try to survive, and try to find Nicole and solve that mystery of The Marker. All of those core things of the original are the elements we want to continue to have in the game and build on top of.”

That stated, EA Motive does need to enrich the reboot in context of the general Dead Space universe.

“We want to have more ties with what came after,” Campos-Oriola stated. “Whether it’s the books, anime or Dead Space 2, we want to put them back into the original in a better way. Sometimes it could be through audio links or messages in the environment and sometimes it can be a bit more.”

The Dead Space remake has but to be dated.

[Source: IGN, VGC]