Eve Online, the huge area game that’s been host to the largest and costliest battles in videogame historical past, is now accessible on the Epic Games Store. Along with increasing to the Epic retailer, Eve has additionally gotten a revamp to its new player experience, and developer CCP is working a celebratory limited-time occasion to mark the event.

When you begin a new character in Eve Online now, you’ll meet a new company known as the Association for Interdisciplinary Research. The new AIR coaching program takes rookie capsuleers via the fundamentals of Eve Online, and CCP says it’s “the result of careful introspection of previous iterations of Eve’s new player journey.”

This new introduction to Eve is far more narrative targeted than previous iterations of the MMORPG’s onboarding course of have been, and CCP says it’s constructed this new ‘tutorial’ chapter in a approach that may enable the studio to rapidly make adjustments and add content material in response to player suggestions. The studio has additionally added new digital camera instruments to make issues look extra cinematic and immersive, and the complicated UI is revealed little by little as gamers make their approach via the AIR storyline.

Another good new function for new and previous gamers alike are Eve Online’s new ability plans. Using this software, you may construct a ‘roadmap’ of abilities and take a look at out completely different builds, much like the approach you may experiment with ship builds in the becoming interface with out really shopping for all the elements you need to take a look at.

To mark Eve Online’s Epic Games Store launch, there’s a new ‘Researching the Rogues’ occasion reside in New Eden. There are free login bonuses and rewards on supply for taking part in the occasion, which includes monitoring down and researching varied rogue drones noticed in fight websites and exploration anomalies scattered about the galaxy.