The Final Fantasy 14 Online event that brings over the Final Fantasy 15 Regalia car mount is again within the game from Sept. 13 till Oct. 18. After finishing an event quest, you’ll have the ability to unlock Noctis’ outfit, get his coiffure, and seize the Regalia mount. Our FFXIV guide explains what you must do to unlock the Regalia car mount and full the facet quest.

To get the products, You’ll have to do the hunt “The Man in Black” from Kipih Jakkya in Ul’Dah, Steps of Nald. She’ll be standing proper in entrance of the Pugilist’s Guild, near the Aetheryte. To qualify for the hunt, you’ll should be at the very least stage 50 and have the principle situation quest “The Ultimate Weapon” full.

Buying the Regalia Type-G Title and different rewards in FFXIV

Completing the hunt will reward you with Noctis’ outfit items, however if you would like his coiffure or the Regalia car mount, you’ll have to teleport to The Gold Saucer.

A split map showing an NPC vendor on the left with a map on where they are in front of the main desks in The Gold Saucer on the right

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image supply: Square Enix

At The Gold Saucer, an “Ironworks Vendor” NPC is promoting the loot for MGP, a kind of forex you may solely earn inside The Gold Saucer. The “Regalia Type-G Title,” which provides you the mount, is 200,000 MGP. The coiffure, “Modern Aesthetics – Lucian Locks” is 20,000 MGP. The Triple Triad Noctis card is 10,000 MGP.

Earning MGP rapidly

To get MGP, you may play varied minigames which are round The Gold Saucer, together with GATEs, which let you play time-limited event video games the require you to maneuver round, dodge enemy assaults, and even scale a cliff.

The most profitable technique of incomes MGP rapidly is by doing weekly Fashion Report, which requires you to put on particular clothes each week. While doing this may be complicated (as there’s plenty of outfits within the game), fashion expert Kaiyoko Star posts infographics on the week’s solution starting Fridays on their Twitter. You can stand up to 60,000 MGP per week by doing Fashion Report.

You can even use the “Jackpot” Free Company buff to extend your winnings much more.