In Genshin Impact, Amakumo Peak is an space in Inazuma full of electro power and hazard. It’s additionally dwelling to a puzzle with a number of Electroculus and different adventuring must-haves. Our Genshin Impact guide will present you methods to resolve the Amakumo Peak puzzle, drain the water, and assist all of the Seelies get dwelling.

We suggest ending the “Seirai Stormchasers” quest earlier than you do that puzzle, because it’ll cleanse the Balethunder that damages you as you run across the space. This received’t eliminate the Electro currents within the water, so that you’ll nonetheless have to keep away from touching the water till you drain the pool.

There are a number of components to this puzzle that close by tablets vaguely element and we’ve damaged up the solution beneath.

Amakumo Peak puzzle map location

The Amakumo Peak puzzle begins beneath the platform the place the Thunder Manifestation boss spawns.

A split map showing a person standing in front of a 3-by-3 tile puzzle next to a map.

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Mihoyo

Draining the pool with the glowing tiles in Amakumo Peak

Amakumo Peak has a number of puzzle mechanisms and lots of monsters round its inside circle. To drain the pool of water within the middle, you’ll have to activate the three-by-three tiles within the center accurately.

The marked squares have to be glowing, and the unmarked squares can’t glow:

A three-by-three grid showing which squares need to be set as glowing.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Mihoyo

Once you do that, a mechanism will pop up, permitting you to empty the water, revealing an enormous gap.

Jump in and defeat the close by mecha monsters to unlock yet one more mechanism to activate. Use it to empty the water much more.

Navigating the Seelies by means of Amakumo Peak

Once you bounce all the way down to the subsequent layer, there might be a door entrance blocked off by a crimson glowing wall. Use the mechanism subsequent to the door to open the trail.

This puzzle requires you to activate numerous dice switches to activate and deactivate coloured limitations. Most of it may be straight ahead, as you’ll solely have entry to sure switches at a time, however we’ve walked out methods to do it beneath.

Seelie 1

  1. Activate the yellow change.
  2. Activate the crimson change previous the now opened yellow gate.
  3. Activate the yellow change once more.
  4. Lead the Seelie into its dwelling.

Seelie 2

  1. Activate the crimson change up the steps.
  2. Drop into the opening on the aspect of the upstairs room.
  3. Activate the yellow change and climb up the wall by means of the opening.
  4. Lead the Seelie into its dwelling.

Seelie 3

  1. Run straight previous the open blue and crimson gates, going up till you see a crimson change. Activate it.
  2. Go again down and activate the blue change previous the crimson gate.
  3. Climb again up the steps (towards the primary crimson change) and switch round to activate a yellow change, previous a blue gate.
  4. Go into the room with the blue change and proceed on previous the yellow gate.
  5. Activate the now-unlocked mechanism and observe the Seelie down the newly drained gap on your reward.